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Meeting the Mystery

I didn’t seek a vision quest. One sought me.

“Our demons are our own limitations, which shut us off from the realization of the ubiquity of the spirit, each of these demons is conquered in a vision quest.”  ~ Joseph Campbell

I’ve been told that this ceremony is one that will bring up my fears. I’m not a particularly fearful person, however, I am a deeply feeling woman. And… if it isn’t love, it’s fear… a phrase I’ve heard often. Believing this to be true, I have no choice but to sink farther into what it is I am feeling. Flipping the feelings over and over to see what’s beneath the surface. How many layers are there before I find fear? Eventually. There it is.

I’ve been told also, this time of inquiry and lead up to ceremony is to empty out. Then I can meet the Mystery, Creator, God, the Universe, Great Spirit – whatever – and be filled back up.

Am I empty? Yet?

All My Relations




The Last of Lyjse

The last of Lyjse’s hair called to be in a rattle. Of course. I listen to the medicine, it tells me what is needed. Still a grief settled in, a deep sadness. Grieve good, VGH said once. I settled in too, grief is needed.

Holding. The. Grief.

Grief took me beyond the horse hair to the insect bore on the fir handle. The river of surprise. A new prayer that isn’t grief, but none the less a healer. I have so much gratitude for the ways of medicine.

Blessing from the Four Directions, Above and Below, from my heart.

All My Relations



Winter 2015 Offerings

Open ~ Medicine Gift Crafting:  Create whatever you wish! How can I support you?  Announce your intention to attend, thank you.                 ♥ Offering ♥ Gratitude

  • December 12
  • December 13

Wing Medicine:  Craft a feather fan to cleanse and clear in your personal life and for professional practices.

Primary flight feathers of the Wild Turkey
Primary flight feathers of the Wild Turkey

Drum Birthing:  Send up a call, let the beat of your drum harmonize with the heartbeat of our Mother Earth.

The Hazelnut Circle Drum Birthing Day
The Hazelnut Circle Drum Birthing Day

Rattle Crafting: Move the energies, call your guides, meditate  and journey with these powerful tools.

Turtle Shell Rattles
Turtle Shell Rattles

L♥VE Offering  ~  Fund Raiser for Cocoon House

  • February 14 ~ Please Save the Date!  Details TBA soon.

Soles for the Soul:  Moccasin are for everyday wear, for ceremonies, moccasin for life!

Butter soft moose hide moccasin
Butter soft moose hide moccasin

Medicine Bags:  Personal, protective and private – honor the medicine that comes forward for you in a good way for the new year.

Talking Sticks:  Are you one who has been called to form a talking circle?   Many have in these times and it is good.  The talking stick is a respectful way to share and listen to what is on one another’s hearts.

Zsa Zsa's birthday Talking Stick workshop
Zsa Zsa’s birthday Talking Stick workshop

Leather Crafts:  Come sew, stitch your best intentions into the leather, create what you have a need for.  There will be cake.

Leather Pouches
Leather Pouches

Children’s Circle:  In a sacred way, each circle date is a unique exploration into the natural world.

  • December 19
  • January 9
  • February 13
  • March 13
Jill and Evander crafting medicine shields
Jill and Evander crafting medicine shields

Feeding the Fire Ceremony:  Celebrate the feminine by feeding the fire with Grandmother Moon.

  • January 22
  • March 25
Full Moon Feeding the Fire Ceremony
Full Moon Feeding the Fire Ceremony

Looking forward to spending time together working in a sacred way.  With gratitude.

Mitakuye Oyasin  ~  All My Relations


Conspiring In My Favor

Literally the Stars are aligned.  And the new Moon in Scorpio.  The depth of my own prayers in the lodge, the heart of the pourer.  The energetic healing from Shamrock.  A visualization from the Star Nation combined with breathing into my root, into Maka, clearing chakra and connecting to the Golden All – truly mind altering.  My physicality too.  The medicine of the Black Horse, new rattles created in a sacred way from this hide – all whispering their gift for me while sending up a call to their new partner – who will come to adopt them?  The teachings of Chief Avrol Looking Horse and Chief Phil Lane, Jr..  The gorgeous (m) Northern Flicker whose back patch is shimmering fluorescent orange, just begging me to follow – drum with me.  Shadow work.  The teachings of the 16 Mysteries.  A lone Canada Goose.  Why are you alone?  Are you like me?  Who are you calling to?  Am I the one?  The word for this 54th year was adventure, am I missing something?  Many more come honking their communal calls.  Joy is elevated.  My dreamscape – so many delights to be acted upon – where to start?  Waterlily by Ella Cara Deloria.  Ceremony by Leslie Marmon Silko.  Each with invaluable words, lessons and inspiration.  The power and courage of my own heart and words.  Falcon.  Forgiveness.  Love.  Deep Gratitude.  Snow in the mountains.  Echo Lake slowly filling up with the rains.  The rejection of Keystone XL – arms linked in solidarity.

Everything is going to be alright.  Winds of change have come.

Mitakuye Oyasin  ~  All My Relations

Having spent the past year immersed in the teachings of Hereditary Chief Phil Lane, Jr. I am a little wiser than I used to be, more sure of the direction we are going as a people and proud to be included in his Circle.  And I love to hear him laugh!

Chief Arvol Looking Horse, among many other things valuable, is the founder of World Peace and Prayer Day.  Annually since 1986 he rides horseback in the Bigfoot Memorial Ride to honor his ancestors in the massacre of Wounded Knee.

Both Brother Phil and Brother Avrol can be heard speaking on the Shift Networks Global Indigenous Wisdom Summit, a free three-day powerhouse of Indigenous Elders and Youth speaking for the needs of our times.  No matter your philosophical or spiritual beliefs much wisdom will be shared during these days that can positively affect the way we live and relate to one another and the Earth.   A’ho   !

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A Black Horse Appeared

Well, I depend upon no one’s heart (or courage) but my own, so thinking this, I look for horses.   ~  Song of Self-Reliance sung by Old Buffalo

A few weeks back, the Fire Circle was coming to birth drums.  I journeyed to seek out the medicine that wished to come forward for them as we had not discussed anything in specific.  I am no longer surprised yet I am always amazed at how directly aligned the wisdom comes through – it is always exactly in keeping with the path of the seeker.  Black Horse, unambiguous definitively black, appeared.  While familiar with the medicine of Horse, having read several old stories, I went in search of more.  I wanted some details that might help me understand what this medicine in particular was bringing forward.

“I am from the Void where Answer lives. Ride on my back and know the power of entering the Darkness and finding the Light.”  ~  Dreamwalker

When the Fire Circle gathered, we took time to ground in with one another sharing where we were at and what were we needing at this time.  Up to this point, their medicine waited quietly.  While I listened to their shares, I well with emotions – Black Horse was precisely what is needed.  When they were complete, it was my turn to share, a dark horse* previously unknown is now prominently in the room.  Overwhelming, overflowing agreement that this day will be the beginning  of what is sure be a powerful journey.  Black Horse had come to offer the Mystery in magical ways.

And indeed, four black horse drums were birthed and are making magic known in the lives of their caretakers.

Not usual, after the drum heads and laces have been cut unused hide is so inviting .  Every scrap speaks.  Black Horse has come calling, work with me for your highest good.  From some of what remains, I have sewed rattles, taking this opportunity to ride into the Void, into my dark places and bringing back the Light.

I have been on a spiritual path for some time now and naturally life and questing have guided into some dark places.  Last summer’s Sun Dance, I was gifted/guided to explore deeper, to make a concerted effort to attend to my shadow work.  Surprisingly, my shadow work isn’t what I thought it might be.  It has been far more gentle than I was anticipating.  It’s the Medicine and Light, the Ceremonies – they support my personal path and healing process in incredible unimaginable ways.  And self-love.

“Self-Love is Always the Answer.”  ~  Northside Dream Circle  

Dip into the Void and bring back the Light
Dip into the Void and bring back the Light

Sewing with this Black Horse – the hide is soft like butter, easily pierced by a sharp needle, no resistance when pulling the stitches tight.  This feels so symbolic, like grace accompanying every prayer and stitch, tightly woven into the process of healing the shadows with Light.  This Black Horse teaching me not to fear those places within with steadfastness, gently lifting me up to the light of day.  Spaciousness occurs.  The gravitational pull towards Light, riding this swift horse, I am delivered unto myself in a good way.  There is still working to complete these rattles – as of yet no voices – what will I hear?  Their handles incomplete – when sanding and polishing, finding the “fit” in my hand, what can be garnered?  Already I’ve been gifted with freedom, bravery and generosity.

Mitakuye Oyasin  ~  All My Relations

Consider the workshop calendar.  Let us make a time together, to sew rattles, birth drums from any number of medicines, Black Horse among them to carry you deeper from the shadows into Light.  The Medicine of All Nations supports our walk at this time.  Blessings…

*The idiom dark horse refers to hidden talents, potential, victory and gains in power.


Autumn 2015 Offerings

Children’s Circles:  September 12, October 10 and November 14 – Our gatherings begin at 1pm and generally complete by 6pm.  We gather with respect for one another and our Mother Earth.  All the nations our Mother supports are greeted with gladitude and gratitude.  We come together to learn and to have fun, share a healthy meal, create, explore and vision for ourselves and the future.  Our Circle welcomes all ages and identities with open hearts.  Bring your parents of other adults to share this time. Suggested exchange $40. 

Drum Birthing:  October 18 and November 15, 9am until complete.  The medicine of the Four-legged and the Standing Ones come together in a sacred way when we set our intentions towards birthing a drum.  Each workshop is held in a respectful way, honoring tradition and ourselves in the process.  Drum birthing is ceremony, a time for joyful prayer and a labor of love that lasts a lifetime.   Please RSVP allowing me to properly prepare for your presence and your drum.  Exchange $225.

Fire Circle Drum Birthing:  September 27, 9am until complete – private circle.

Visioning Drum ReUnion: September 19, 7pm-10pm on Echo Lake.  An invitation is extended to all drums that have been birthed at Soul Proprietor over the years.  Migrate back to the waters of your birth to join in a Drumming Circle to Vision for the rebalancing what is needed at this time.  Let’s come together with joy-full hearts, clear intentions, prayers and expansive dreams for the future – our drum beats and voices raising the frequency in a good way with a fire as our company to transmute the challenges of our times.  Bring your friends no matter where their drums were born, they are welcome.

Feeding the Fire Ceremony:  September 26, 4:30pm until complete.  Women and girls of all ages are invited to gather for a Feeding of the Fire Ceremony where we will learn more about honoring the feminine through the natural way.  We’ll light a fire, share stories and songs, we’ll feast afterwards.  RSVP please for further details.

Rattle Crafting:  Turtle Shell Rattles October 11, Rawhide Rattles November 1, noon until complete.  Craft and sew in a good way an ancient instrument to call yourself home to yourself,  move the energies, releasing what may be stuck from this lifetime as well as ancestral times, celebrating your wholeness.  A rattle is a tool for shamanic healing work and personal ritual.  Every voice is unique, every stitch a prayer.  Sit in community, share yourself to whatever degree you feel called to, sing, laugh and create – the possibilities are as limitless as the sky.  Please RSVP your intention to join in allowing for proper preparation.  Exchange $75.

Moccasin Crafting:  October 24 & 25 and November 21 & 22 – our moccasin workshops are taught in two day workshops – 9am to 7pm each day.  Tough yet tender, Buffalo medicine supports your walk in the world and shares with you the abundance of right action.  Buffalo hide moccasin are incredibly comfortable and can be worn daily as well as for ceremony or special occasions.  These moccasin are custom fit to your feet, a measurement and foot tracing is needed in advance allowing for a pattern to be sewn prior to the workshop.  This is easily arranged between us.  Style choices and the adornment possibilities are endless.  Exchange $275.

Medicine Bags:  October 4, noon until complete.  A medicine bag is personal.  What strengths do you wish to support?  What needs to be augmented at this time?  Craft a medicine bag for your connection and protection.  Whatever your needs, medicine is the grounding and underpinning that shelters you in life.  As always, a prayerful protected container holds us in our work together.  These days are community days yet the deeply personal component often makes for times of silence and reflection – it is always the right combination of call and response between each person and the Mystery.   Please RSVP your intentions allowing for proper preparation for you.  Exchange $75.

Talking Sticks:  November 8, noon until complete.  At this time, many are coming together in many ways for the rebalancing of our lives and for our Mother.  Coming together in a Circle is powerful healing medicine.  Using a Talking Stick while in Circle creates greater respect for the person speaking, for their story and the heart behind their words.  Are you leading a Circle at this time?  Perhaps doing so has tugged at you for a long while.  Now is the time.  Now is the time for each of us to step up and step into our power to birth forward the future.  We are here at this time by agreement, by our choosing – let’s come forward in a good, true and beautiful way speaking our truth, allowing others to do the same.  There is healing work to be done.  Crafting a Talking Stick brings powerful medicine and voice into the world.  Please RSVP your intentions allowing for proper preparations.  Exchange $100.

Wing Medicine:  September 13, October 31, November 28, noon until complete.  This is where my work with medicine began.  My Uncle, from many lifetimes ago called, reminding me why I came here at this time.  The joy I feel for the Winged Ones was not the whole story, there is so much more.  The Winged Ones are a powerful ally offering themselves as healing tools.  There is no limit to their healing potential – what is needed?  These ally are here to help.  Feel free to bring your own medicine if you already carry something and receive the guidance for crafting a secure handhold that protects your medicine.  Please RSVP your intentions so I may properly prepare for your presence.  Exchange $75.

With Gratitude

Mitakuye Oyasin  ~  All My Relations



“Your body is a spiritual tool. Appreciate the miracle that it is.”                     ~  Swami Radha

My body found its way into Kurmasana in this mornings practice, one of my favorite poses.  As I rounded my spine, folding forward to become the tortoise my mind flashed back to my teachers Swami Radhakrishnananda, then Deborah and then Charles.  The beginning of consciousness and spiritual awakening – studying myself through yoga.

Settling into the asana, hips release.  Noticing the depth and ease of my breath.  Lengthening the curve of my spine, soles together, chest nearly touching the floor, forehead rests against heels, arms extending until my hands become flippers.  I am at rest, buoyant on the water of our Mother.  Tears fill my eyes.  Water is life, it courses through me.  I feel deep connection.  No separation.   The wisdom of the tortoise allows me to see myself from above through her eyes – see myself as Light, as Water.  I am both star stuff and from the earth’s molten core.  I am the water.  I send up a blessing for the Water – protection and restored health, for its purity.

I relax even more into the pose.  My breath slows.  I can feel my heart beating, the electromagnetic force of love.  My mind moves gently, tracing the path to this moment.  Eastern philosophy comes full circle to Turtle Island.  Grandmother Turtle, my home.  I am at home within my skin.  My shell (home) a place to pull into and a place to extend out from.  Safe.

I survey my entire body.  Can I relax further?  Can I deepen still?  Can I know myself as the wise tortoise, as the Mother, not only in this moment but into every moment?  I’d like to stay this way forever.  I allow myself a few more minutes – breathing, at peace, mind still knowing I am in the right place.  Precious silence.

Regretfully I must move.  Thankfully I am moving towards medicine crafting.  Buffalo awaits, a client soon to arrive, new rattles are coming forward.  More gifts from our Mother, from our brethren.  I feel incredibly supported, connected and free.  In gratitude.  Om…

Mitakuye Oyasin  ~  All My Relations

I’m Hearing Voices

Rocking gently. A tremble at first.  Steady.  Dropping in, a rhythm takes over. The sound of the stones striking rawhide. Rolling off the internal surface of the skin, the stones trill and growl.  A soothing voice calling me deeper.  Shaking the rattle I journey.  Seeking. 

I have been sewing rattles for several days, give-aways for a sister and friend.  Many people in our community are helping to fill her blanket offering, as she is honors her commitment to dance her prayers.  Sewing my own prayers into these rattles, I am hearing voices – in my head and my heart.  Making medicine is a powerful time.

All my sense perception are engaged in the crafting.  Consciousness and unconsciousness communes with the Mystery and the invisible.  My sense of touch a constant from beginning to end.  The sense of smell alighted with the various tree medicines.  And wet buffalo hide, patiently yielding into form, drying into shape, an evolving fragrance.  My eyes see what has become while I held the needle.  My heart is tantalized by stones, the three sisters – what will my ears hear?  What voices will be  coming through?   I can taste the healing, sweet elixir of buffalo on my finger tips.  Thinking of the good vibrations these rattle will send… more prayers from someone else’s heart – a spiral dance, the Circle widens.  We are one.

No two rattle are alike.

Questers will sew  their medicine rattles this weekend for their time on the hill.  Will the forecaster’s promise of sunshine hold true?  Can we sit by the lake sewing our prayers with the water and breeze, the bird song?  There will be many voices will accompany us, whether we are outside or in.

May 3, 2015 a rawhide rattle crafting workshop is open.   Perhaps a turtle shell rattle is calling you.  Let’s co-create a time together.

From the Iroquois creation legend of Sky Woman come the story of the Three Sisters – it was love that kept them together and it is love that creates their voice.   To the Iroquois People, corn, beans, and squash are the physical and spiritual sustainers of life.   ~  “A long time ago there were three sisters who lived together in a field. These sisters were quite different from one another in their size and way of dressing. The little sister was so young that she could only crawl at first, and she was dressed in green. The second sister wore a bright yellow dress, and she had a way of running off by herself when the sun shone and the soft wind blew in her face. The third was the eldest sister, standing always very straight and tall above the other sisters and trying to protect them. She wore a pale green shawl, and she had long, yellow hair that tossed about her head in the breeze.”

Let it be love that keeps us all together.  Love will light the way.

With gratitude.  Gather Light.

Mitakuye Oyasin  ~  All My Relations