Food Is Medicine

I remember it being a very warm summer afternoon when I was first offered tobacco to cook for ceremony. I was surprised that I would be asked and without really thinking about it, I accepted the tobacco. That gift of tobacco was a turning point in my life, the beginning of what would be many years of service to ceremony and personal growth. I was taught that ceremony was about making prayers and service long before this particular summer’s day. I took those teachings into the next 13 years, making prayers before creating menus, prayers before lists and shopping, prayers asking for help to hold the kitchen – to feed the people.

Ceremonial cooking has been healing, a revelation for me, resulting in my best-balanced ego. An ongoing endeavor. As I continue to navigate this realm of service, I persist in learning about myself, holding myself to the highest standards while I pursue even more ceremonial cooking.

Offering culinary services for ceremonies, retreats, workshops, fundraisers, and private events – in prayer, in support and in service to those who are seeking their own healing and service journeys – is the next step for me in life.

I’ve cooked on multiple camp stoves at once and 8 burner gas stoves with flattops, and many appliances in between. There have been as few as 4 and as many as 70 people eating from the kitchens I’ve held. I cater to all diets and dietary restrictions, all at once, everyone’s needs being met with healthy, organic, nourishing and varied menus. I’ve slept in a tent on many occasions, rising early to make coffee and heating the water for tea. I’ve flown to new territories, local and international, shopping in new and unknown places. I’ve managed to hold the kitchens while remaining under budget with few to no leftovers.

I’ve loved every minute of it.

It is love, gratitude and prayer that sustains me, inspiring my heart, guiding my hands, my knives and my palette in the preparations.

Every Intercessor and Facilitator has their own way of offering ceremonies, retreats, workshops, fundraisers, and gatherings. I am malleable and flexible, working within the context of each event and the needs of the teachers, leaders, attendees, and the collective.

I look forward to your allowing me to feed your people. Contact me to discuss your kitchen needs and reserve your time in the kitchen.