About Me

I’m Barbara, she, her, human being.

I’ve lived in sduhubš territory, part of the PNW of Washington, for some 25 years now. My paternal people have worn the face of the colonizer for many generations, my maternal roots lie within Turtle Island for much longer.

An ancestor’s dream awoke in me while I was in a circle learning shamanic practices. This brought me into a life of ceremony nearly 20 years ago. I have been walking what is called the red road for as many years. I am new to these ways. It’s been a journey to find what is respectful and appropriate footing in the ways of crafting natural medicines. I do this work with the blessing of Indigenous elders and teachers. I endeavor to always remain humble to the traditions I am privileged to share.

Gratefully I craft. Gratefully I teach.  It is an honor to carry these medicine ways, bringing them to as many as will come – seeking their own wisdom and knowledge of (s)Self and Source.  It is the prayer that creates the container for this work. It is a true gift to be the one who holds the needle, laces the drum, seeds the rattle, creates soles for the soul –teaching these ways is remarkable on all levels – my being sings with gladness.

Trees are my people. I am a bird nerd. My sun is in Aquarius. I am a mother of one, a fine grown man. I am a camp cook, feeding the people in ceremony – it is my medicine. Raven, Buffalo, and Bear keep me safe, grounded and in my heart.

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