Rattle Crafting

Rattles are medicine – sacred gifts of the Divine from our ancestors, from Mother Earth herself. Every culture on earth throughout the ages has used rattles. The Native American Peoples have imparted importance to the rattle as a spiritual connection to the Creator. Rattles distinguish people of power. They are protective barriers and activation of intention. All fashion of rattles can be used in spiritual journeys, ritual healing and transformation, ceremonial dancing and meditation. Their use is personal or tribal, used with song and storytelling, they often accompany the drum.

It is said that symbolically the rattle represents animal, plant and mineral. The rawhide or turtle shell, fur, antler and bones the animal, a wooden handle and seeds inside the rattle the plant, small stones inside and earthen paints the mineral. A rawhide rattle is a handcrafted work of art. A rattle made of shell is a bridge between the soil and water realms, beautiful to behold.

Sign up for a workshop to craft rattles in community or come alone.  Sew in an intentional way – honoring the four legged and the water beings as well as the standing nation, sharing stories and song, allowing for laughter and imagination to flourish while being held in a sacred container is a magical way to spend a day.