Drum Birthing

It is an honor to be the keeper of a drum. The spirit of the animal and the spirit of the tree live within the drum. It is a living, breathing entity. The drum’s beat will help you to call upon the Mystery and the spirits that protect you, guide you and watch over you. Drumming is prayer.  A drum is purposeful. The drum has many uses from healing ceremonies to personal journey work. They are art crafted of the organic, they are sacred medicine tools. One could spend a life time learning from a drum.
To birth a drum is a beautiful process of connecting to the animal and tree spirits and singing the hide into place.  Each drum making workshop is a labor of love, it is easing the lace ever tighter to stretch the drum head into its voice. Every drum has its own voice and it’s power. The sounds of the drum are a calling to align all hearts that hear its voice. The drum beat is the Earth’s heartbeat held in your hands, drum and drumstick. To birth a drum is a full day – intention and prayer, patience and care.
Drum making workshops for individual or groups scheduled monthly.  Shaman style hand drum, a two-sided drums and lodge drums will be made using custom hoops made of cedar wood by a local artist in Everson, WA.  The drumstick, made from cedar, fir or a multitude of other woods, driftwood and antler are  possibilities as well.