Knee High Moccasin Crafting




Soles for the Soul!

In this two-day workshop you will make relations with the Buffalo to learn what wisdom and support are you being offered by these most wonderful creatures.  Among other things, Buffalo is a guardian showing us abundance is everywhere and we only need to act with right action to receive the wealth from our dreams.  I use this hide in particular for its sturdiness and resilience.  Having this supple tanned hide around your feet is medicine for your everyday walk in the world.  A tracing and measurement of your feet and legs prior to the workshop weekend are needed.  I will create a pattern for your moccasin.  This pattern assures a proper fit for the unique attributes of your feet and provides a template with which you will work with.

We’ll use antler, shell and/or buttons for the closures for your moccasin.  I encourage you to bring something that is special to you that personalizes your shoes.  Choose between two styles or make both!

All materials provided.



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