“Walk as if you are kissing the earth with your feet.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

I’ve always been a little crazy about good shoes.  It was a natural that I would sit in a Circle and learn from an Elder the crafting of moccasin in a way that had come to her in her dreams. Her generosity of spirit and vision have been my inspiration. Working closely with my Ancestors and the wisdom of my teacher, my own creative juices flow designing new styles of moccasin – shoes, boots, summer sandals, slides and slippers.  Everyday shoes.  Sacred shoes – vision quest, Sun Dance, for all of the ceremonies of life.   Wedding shoes.  Baby shoes.  Children shoes.   Men’s and Women’s.

” These moccasins went to the depths and back with me. They were strong traveling shoes and I’m so glad for them.”  ~ CE

In my Snohomish River studio, I hand-stitch custom fit moccasin.  Every stitch carries a prayer and your intentions.  These moccasins are sumptuous and comfortable and sturdy enough to hike in, constructed with three layers of sole material to protect your feet.  My preferred hide is Buffalo as it is particularly strong, carrying good medicine.  Deer, Elk and Moose hide are also suitable.  Varying in thickness, these hide choices carry their own incredible powers.  The moccasin will cradle your feet with good medicine.

Add a natural crepe rubber sole for additional strength and resilience.

Allow me to sew for you, arrange for a private two-day workshop or attend an already scheduled workshop.  These moccasins may well be the most meaningful shoe you’ve ever worn as you leave your footprints upon the earth.

Super easy instructions for measuring your feet for moccasins.