When we come together for a workshop day, we come together in ceremony.  The medicine, or powers, of animal, plant and mineral is supportive in our every day life.  These sentient beings offer themselves for our protection and guidance, for our learning and healing.  Sending up a call to the good, true and beautiful of our ancestors, we welcome them to come heal with us, bringing their support into the crafting of sacred objects.   We’ll call to the beneficial  Allies – those that serve only the highest good, we beckon them to the table to assist in our work.   We honor the medicine and natural ways. Creation of the medicine objects is a meditation of life, a healing for all generations, all nations. Come, I bid you welcome into the sacredness of medicine crafting.

Any medicine ceremony or workshop, can be arranged in your home or gathering place with the use of technology during this time of COVID-19.  No matter where or what the work may be, a protected container is set for our endeavors.  We work in a sacred manner, present with self and the medicine – hollow bones for the Divine.

All of the in person workshops, moccasin crafting, drum birthing, rattle crafting, wing medicine, medicine bag and bundles, etc., that are taught in  Snohomish River studio, can be scheduled at your request working one on one or by creating an experiential day together with immediate family, or intimate friends only at this time. Currently I am not offering teachings for groups larger than three.  An email easily arranges a mutually convenient time.

A listing of upcoming offerings can be found on the right sidebar of this page.

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