Medicine Ceremonies

The word medicine equates to power in the contemporary world. Virtually all indigenous cultures throughout time across the globe have made relations with so-called sentient beings, tapping into their medicines to augment personal wisdom and intuition. Medicine can be drawn upon in seeking guidance or answers, it is used in meditation and healing ceremonies.

Besides loving birds (I’m a bird nerd), I find winged medicine tremendously influential in my personal practices.  A ritual tool bringing the blessing of healing smoke to my heart, to my body, mind, and spirit. Clearing the house, my physical being and my domicile, as needed. Shamanic practitioners benefit with the aid of Winged Ones, healing tools in their medicine chests.

The drum is an ancient instrument, sacred in every way.  Drumming activates our own grounding energies while the drumbeat aligns with the heartbeat of the Earth.  While grounding, the drumbeat is also a vehicle that will carry us on our journeys into other realms when seeking wisdom and insights.  Every drum is unique.

Rattles distinguish people of power. They are protective barriers and activation of intention.  All fashions of rattle are used in spiritual journeys, ritual healing and transformation, ceremonial dancing and meditation.

Walking in moccasins allows for a deeper connection to our Mother Earth. Feeling her contours in the contours of our soles is grounding, soothing, harmonizing.

Relationships are forged with each dynamic ascent into the medicine ways. Immerse yourself in a workshop of crafting your own sacred object – feather fans, drums, rattles, talking sticks and staff, medicine bags and bundles.  Work one-on-one, with family and friends, in community.  Commission work and custom crafting available.  Every piece is a one-of-a-kind, unique piece of work, imbued with your intention and prayer.