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Winter 2015 Offerings

Open ~ Medicine Gift Crafting:  Create whatever you wish! How can I support you?  Announce your intention to attend, thank you.                 ♥ Offering ♥ Gratitude

  • December 12
  • December 13

Wing Medicine:  Craft a feather fan to cleanse and clear in your personal life and for professional practices.

Primary flight feathers of the Wild Turkey
Primary flight feathers of the Wild Turkey

Drum Birthing:  Send up a call, let the beat of your drum harmonize with the heartbeat of our Mother Earth.

The Hazelnut Circle Drum Birthing Day
The Hazelnut Circle Drum Birthing Day

Rattle Crafting: Move the energies, call your guides, meditate  and journey with these powerful tools.

Turtle Shell Rattles
Turtle Shell Rattles

L♥VE Offering  ~  Fund Raiser for Cocoon House

  • February 14 ~ Please Save the Date!  Details TBA soon.

Soles for the Soul:  Moccasin are for everyday wear, for ceremonies, moccasin for life!

Butter soft moose hide moccasin
Butter soft moose hide moccasin

Medicine Bags:  Personal, protective and private – honor the medicine that comes forward for you in a good way for the new year.

Talking Sticks:  Are you one who has been called to form a talking circle?   Many have in these times and it is good.  The talking stick is a respectful way to share and listen to what is on one another’s hearts.

Zsa Zsa's birthday Talking Stick workshop
Zsa Zsa’s birthday Talking Stick workshop

Leather Crafts:  Come sew, stitch your best intentions into the leather, create what you have a need for.  There will be cake.

Leather Pouches
Leather Pouches

Children’s Circle:  In a sacred way, each circle date is a unique exploration into the natural world.

  • December 19
  • January 9
  • February 13
  • March 13
Jill and Evander crafting medicine shields
Jill and Evander crafting medicine shields

Feeding the Fire Ceremony:  Celebrate the feminine by feeding the fire with Grandmother Moon.

  • January 22
  • March 25
Full Moon Feeding the Fire Ceremony
Full Moon Feeding the Fire Ceremony

Looking forward to spending time together working in a sacred way.  With gratitude.

Mitakuye Oyasin  ~  All My Relations


Autumn 2015 Offerings

Children’s Circles:  September 12, October 10 and November 14 – Our gatherings begin at 1pm and generally complete by 6pm.  We gather with respect for one another and our Mother Earth.  All the nations our Mother supports are greeted with gladitude and gratitude.  We come together to learn and to have fun, share a healthy meal, create, explore and vision for ourselves and the future.  Our Circle welcomes all ages and identities with open hearts.  Bring your parents of other adults to share this time. Suggested exchange $40. 

Drum Birthing:  October 18 and November 15, 9am until complete.  The medicine of the Four-legged and the Standing Ones come together in a sacred way when we set our intentions towards birthing a drum.  Each workshop is held in a respectful way, honoring tradition and ourselves in the process.  Drum birthing is ceremony, a time for joyful prayer and a labor of love that lasts a lifetime.   Please RSVP allowing me to properly prepare for your presence and your drum.  Exchange $225.

Fire Circle Drum Birthing:  September 27, 9am until complete – private circle.

Visioning Drum ReUnion: September 19, 7pm-10pm on Echo Lake.  An invitation is extended to all drums that have been birthed at Soul Proprietor over the years.  Migrate back to the waters of your birth to join in a Drumming Circle to Vision for the rebalancing what is needed at this time.  Let’s come together with joy-full hearts, clear intentions, prayers and expansive dreams for the future – our drum beats and voices raising the frequency in a good way with a fire as our company to transmute the challenges of our times.  Bring your friends no matter where their drums were born, they are welcome.

Feeding the Fire Ceremony:  September 26, 4:30pm until complete.  Women and girls of all ages are invited to gather for a Feeding of the Fire Ceremony where we will learn more about honoring the feminine through the natural way.  We’ll light a fire, share stories and songs, we’ll feast afterwards.  RSVP please for further details.

Rattle Crafting:  Turtle Shell Rattles October 11, Rawhide Rattles November 1, noon until complete.  Craft and sew in a good way an ancient instrument to call yourself home to yourself,  move the energies, releasing what may be stuck from this lifetime as well as ancestral times, celebrating your wholeness.  A rattle is a tool for shamanic healing work and personal ritual.  Every voice is unique, every stitch a prayer.  Sit in community, share yourself to whatever degree you feel called to, sing, laugh and create – the possibilities are as limitless as the sky.  Please RSVP your intention to join in allowing for proper preparation.  Exchange $75.

Moccasin Crafting:  October 24 & 25 and November 21 & 22 – our moccasin workshops are taught in two day workshops – 9am to 7pm each day.  Tough yet tender, Buffalo medicine supports your walk in the world and shares with you the abundance of right action.  Buffalo hide moccasin are incredibly comfortable and can be worn daily as well as for ceremony or special occasions.  These moccasin are custom fit to your feet, a measurement and foot tracing is needed in advance allowing for a pattern to be sewn prior to the workshop.  This is easily arranged between us.  Style choices and the adornment possibilities are endless.  Exchange $275.

Medicine Bags:  October 4, noon until complete.  A medicine bag is personal.  What strengths do you wish to support?  What needs to be augmented at this time?  Craft a medicine bag for your connection and protection.  Whatever your needs, medicine is the grounding and underpinning that shelters you in life.  As always, a prayerful protected container holds us in our work together.  These days are community days yet the deeply personal component often makes for times of silence and reflection – it is always the right combination of call and response between each person and the Mystery.   Please RSVP your intentions allowing for proper preparation for you.  Exchange $75.

Talking Sticks:  November 8, noon until complete.  At this time, many are coming together in many ways for the rebalancing of our lives and for our Mother.  Coming together in a Circle is powerful healing medicine.  Using a Talking Stick while in Circle creates greater respect for the person speaking, for their story and the heart behind their words.  Are you leading a Circle at this time?  Perhaps doing so has tugged at you for a long while.  Now is the time.  Now is the time for each of us to step up and step into our power to birth forward the future.  We are here at this time by agreement, by our choosing – let’s come forward in a good, true and beautiful way speaking our truth, allowing others to do the same.  There is healing work to be done.  Crafting a Talking Stick brings powerful medicine and voice into the world.  Please RSVP your intentions allowing for proper preparations.  Exchange $100.

Wing Medicine:  September 13, October 31, November 28, noon until complete.  This is where my work with medicine began.  My Uncle, from many lifetimes ago called, reminding me why I came here at this time.  The joy I feel for the Winged Ones was not the whole story, there is so much more.  The Winged Ones are a powerful ally offering themselves as healing tools.  There is no limit to their healing potential – what is needed?  These ally are here to help.  Feel free to bring your own medicine if you already carry something and receive the guidance for crafting a secure handhold that protects your medicine.  Please RSVP your intentions so I may properly prepare for your presence.  Exchange $75.

With Gratitude

Mitakuye Oyasin  ~  All My Relations


We’re Not In Kansas Anymore

I woke today dream praying for the workers in the fields with toxic conditions.  Prayers for them.  For the soil.  For the water and our Mother the earth.  Healing in a paradigm shift.

Dream FORWARD.  Dream BIG.

What will we dream for the next Seven Generations?

Peace first, in my heart of hearts understanding, my own healing is my work and an offering to the solutions.

The Children’s Circle meets this afternoon.  Seems we’ll have a sunny time.   Bare feet.  Making relations with our Mother.  And the water.  Last spring our Circle  offered ceremony for the water, this spring Snohomish County is offering free shoreline restorations in their Lake Wise project!  WooHOO!  Wopila! to the children and moms!

Echo Lake is noisy with bird voices.  East of me somewhere close a tree is being limbed.   Prayers for the Standing  Nation – Hallelujah!  I/We can breathe by their generous living in the web of life.  Pilamaya!

I saw a Red-tailed Hawk being mobbed by twenty or so Crows an hour ago.  I heard the terrible scolding of the crows long before I saw them in the sky.  Red-tailed tried circling higher, moving rapidly together the crows wouldn’t relent.  All the way across my Echo Lake sky and beyond my view they mobbed him.  I heard Red-tailed cry out though I could no longer see him.

Times are changing.  Things aren’t ever going to be the same.

It’s a powerful time we are living in.   We’re not in Kansas anymore.  We get to decide what we want our world to look like.  We have that power for good or evil.  Our lives are in our own hands.  I have optimism in the emergence of good.  Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude for all who are bringing Light.  All those ceremonies, prayers and service.  It is an honor to be among you.

Prayers for Peace and healthy food.  No more chemicals in/on our children’s bodies, or our bodies or in our Mother Earth.

Good happy hearts for all of us.

Humbly I bend to the breaking down and breathe Light into the future.  Dreaming.  With my dreaming eyes I visualize, holding space for the heart space for myself and Oneness.

Mitakuye Oyasin  ~  All My Relations


ET Phone Home

The Band-tail Pigeon have arrived to gorge themselves in the springtime sunlight at the seed feeder.  They are both bold and shy.

Band-tailed Pigeon

Pigeon medicine offers us a way home.

Home to ourselves, to our own hearts where there is meaning.  Home to our internal family.  The Pigeon is asking us how can we best parent ourselves?  How can we be our own kid sister or big brother?  Our own best friend?  And home to the physical abode where we are safe, content and able to thrive.

Are you looking for a new home? New work? A community? A circle? A teacher?  The medicine of Pigeon can take you where you want to go both within and out in the world.  Pause.  Take a few moments to connect heart to heart with the ordinary city dweller, on these common yet unique birds. Watching their behaviors and adaptability, we can call on their powers.  We can call ourselves home.  Bring our energies back to ourselves and be at center.

Rock Pigeon TrioThe common Rock Pigeon is just about everywhere, assuring us that home can be found anywhere at any time .  All we need is to look within – be ET and phone home.  Home is where the heart is after all.

I call myself home.  I’m grateful for the winged ones.

All My Relations

Spring 2015 Workshops

The door is always open.  Come in, make yourself at home as you are welcome for the Spring Workshops at Soul Proprietor.

April 4 – Wing Medicine, noon until complete

April 5 – Leather Works, noon until complete, what do you need?

April 11 – The Night Turtle Dance Fund Raiser Auction, 5pm – 8pm

April 12 – Rattle Crafting, 10am until complete

April 25 – Medicine Bag Journey, noon until complete

April 26 – VQ Rattle Crafting (closed)

May 3 – Medicine Repair Day, noon until all repairs are complete

May 9 – Children’s Circle, 1pm – 5pm

May 10 – Drum Birthing Day, 10am until complete

May 16-17 – Moccasin Workshop – Bainbridge Island Bodhi Center

May 23-24 – VQ Moccasin Workshop (closed)

June 6 – Children’s Circle, 1pm – 5pm

June 7 – Turtle Shell Rattle Crafting, noon until complete

June 20-21 – Moccasin Workshop, 10am -7pm each day

Concentric Circles

“Starting from within, working in a circle, in a sacred manner, we heal ourselves, our relationships and the world.”  ~  Chief Phil Lane, Jr.

Dense.  Fog.   Not the dark mercury fog of deep winter.  Instead a thick membrane of white-gray.  Seeming impenetrable while the light is already beginning to suffuse the placenta birthing this day.  Silhouettes emerging.  A circle.  The Standing Nation, tall, shoulder to shoulder.  The semi-round waxing moon had been present very early this morning, casting light onto Echo Lake, now she is on the other side of the fog.  Only milky white, shadows in the distance.   The lake is an altar.  It is a circle before me every day.  Surrounded by the circle of trees. The concentric circles begin within me, working their way out into the world.

Offering prayers to the North, to what remains of a non-winter, the trees tell me to go to the core of things within myself.  I go seeking to understand what lay beneath.  What is the motivation?  What are the emotions?  What is at the heart of me?  At  my very core?  Often in the forest I find pieces of wood that are just that, the core, the place of connectivity, of a branch growing from trunk.  I’ve kept some, one particular piece was sanded smooth becoming a talking stick for the Children’s Circle.  There are many circles – symbolic, metaphoric and physical in this reality that are part of my life.

Many circles.   Circle of life.  The circle of the seasons.  The astrological wheel a continuous circle.  Many Sacred Circles of Peoples.  The hoop of a family.  The hoop of a drum.   The waft of a feather fan, begins in the circle of a nest, sage smoke moves out into the Universe.   The round of a rattle allowing the contents to emanate voice.  A stone tossed into the lake creates ripples that move, even if interrupted, to the shoreline, meeting that circle of earth surrounding the circle of lake.  It is all connected.  Concentric circles.   Starting from within.  Working in a circle.  In a sacred manner.

The work at Soul Proprietor happens in a circle.  A container created by prayer, by intention and by the people who come to create.  Over the years numerous Teachers have begun to send their students to me, to craft in a good way their ceremonial and sacred objects.  Each of these Teachers carry a unique piece of a healing perspective.  I integrate these threads of wisdom into my life, woven fabric.  This past Sunday another new Circle, eight beautiful women came to birth drums.  The guidance that came forward for me to share with them was to learn the sacred songs, using their drums to send up a voice.  A healing.  Their teacher is one who carries the songs.  Their hearts begin the circle.  Starting from within.  Working in a circle.  In a sacred manner.   We heal ourselves.  Our relationships.  And the world.

I am filled with gratitude.

Brother Phil asked me and the entire Circle to memorize the opening quote to this post.  He asked also that we live it.  Make it our walk in the world.  With it comes so much honesty, so much hope, optimism.  I am inspired.  The fog has lifted completely, the pale blue sky boldly colors the water.  Trees reflect their strong imprint on the surface of the lake – their crowns pointing towards me – look within to the core of things they say.  Starting within.  Working in a circle.

I have an old dog who is preparing to cross over.  She still has all four feet in this reality and she is preparing, closing in on completion of the circle that is her life.  Somewhere a litter of Doberman puppies are gestating.  My father’s wife is preparing too, for her own transition, dancing between life, disease and death.  And a baby will be born.  Each life begins and ends – a circle, complete within itself and a part of the whole.  My heart is both heavy and full, buoyed by these ways of living and working in a circle.

A’ho Mitakuye Oyasin  ~  All My Relations

It’s For The Birds

“In the far north latitudes, just below the treeless tundra of the polar region, a forest of evergreen trees encircles the earth: this is the Boreal Forest. The last frontier of northern forest wilderness in Canada, the Boreal Forest is North America’s greatest conservation opportunity.”                                        National Resources Defense Council

Canada’s Boreal Forest is one of the largest unspoiled forests left on earth.  Home to some 500 First Nations communities, the Boreal is of spiritual and cultural significance and of global importance.   Wildlife too depend on it’s old growth to provide habitat and breeding grounds.  Upwards of 3 billion birds each spring and nearly half of all bird species in North America depend on the Boreal for survival.

“Like the Amazon, the boreal forest is of critical importance to all living things on earth. It is home to the one of the world’s largest remaining stands of spruce, fir and tamarack. The thick layers of moss, soil and peat of the boreal are the world’s largest terrestrial storehouse of organic carbon and play an enormous role in regulating the Earth’s climate. Boreal wetlands filter millions of gallons of water each day that fill our northern rivers, lakes, and streams. As a vast, intact forest ecosystem, the boreal supports a natural web of large carnivores, such as bears, wolves and lynx along with thousands of other species of plants, mammals, birds and insects.”

Much of the destruction of the Boreal bird habitat is being driven by American consumerism.  The Boreal is being destroyed to make toilet paper, facial tissues, paper towels and other disposable paper products in addition to oil and gas exploration and production.  Paper products we throw away are leading to habitat destruction that people and animals alike depend upon.  We can help to halt this destruction by making smart shopping decisions.  Start by avoiding purchasing all paper products from the mega-giant Kimberly-Clark, maker of Scott, Cottonelle, Kleenex and Viva.

Kimberly-Clark sources virgin wood from the Boreal.

“Paper manufacturers reach deep into species-rich forests for virgin timber, razing trees, polluting waterways and destroying precious wildlife habitat. Pulp and paper mills that use virgin timber are major generators of hazardous air pollutants, including dioxins and other cancer-causing chemicals. And the industry is the third largest industrial emitter of global warming pollution.”

If every household in the United States replaced just one box of virgin fiber facial tissues (175 sheets) with one 100% recycled tissue we could save 163,000 trees.

If every household in the United States replaced just one roll of virgin fiber toilet paper (500 sheets) with 100% recycled paper we could save 423,900 trees.

If every household in the United States replaced just one roll of virgin fiber paper towels (70 sheets) with 100% recycled paper we could save 544,000 trees.

If every household in the United Sates replaced just one package of virgin fiber napkins (250 count) with 100% recycled paper we could save 1 million trees.

Shop Smart is a buyers guide that simplifies making good paper choices to help save the Boreal and the lives that depend on it.  By considering what paper we consume, we can create a positive shift in the pulp industry.  Our demands for clean energy sources too will determine the outcome of the Boreal Forest now and in the future for all living beings.

The idiom for the birds means worthless, not to be taken seriously, no good.  Using virgin fiber to wipe our chins and our butts is indeed for the birds in this bird nerds opinion.

In gratitude for your considerations for the Boreal, for the People, and for the birds.

Mitakuye Oyasin  ~  All My Relations


Holy Moment

Mercury must be retrograde (it isn’t!).  Communications have been miserable.  Technology frustrating.  Hours have been invested into a seemingly simple problem with no resolve.

In the midst of the vexation,  I am standing at the kitchen sipping a glass of water laced with a red cedar spagyric, watching out the window.  The usual suspects are all here – Chestnut-sided and Black-capped Chickadee with their out of town cousin the Mountain Chickadee, Evening Grosbeak and Red-breasted Nuthatch – all taking turns at the seed feeder.  The overgrown rhododendrons,  the water birch and the moss covered ground are busy with Towhee, Junco and Gold-crowned Sparrows, lots of sparrows.  Suddenly a pair, male and female, of Red Crossbill land on the glass patio table.  I catch my breath, not taking my eyes off them.  Crossbill have visited before but rarely.  She flies out of view.  He is there on the glass, with his cross bill picking up bits of this and that, the samara of a big leaf maple tree.  I am struck with the metaphor of their cross bills and the challenge of communications.  Then he turns his head to the side and presses it against the glass and takes a drink of the leftover rainwater that thinly covered the surface of the table.

I burst into tears – a holy moment – before me was perfection.  In that moment, the simplicity of a beautiful little pale red bird drinking water, sustaining himself with the bare little that was available, I was snapped to attention.  Be present, in this moment – for it is holy!

Really, aren’t they all holy moments?  Yes, of course they are.

“…I’ve learned something about times like these.  In times like these, you have to grow big enough inside to hold both the loss and the hope.”     ~ Uncle Mogey, from Strange As This Weather Has Been, Ann Pancake.

This moment did not resolve my communications and still it lifted my heart. It changed my vibration to witness. I am grateful. Mercury is not retrograde, but January 21st it will be – pause for caution and thoughtful consideration. How to proceed?

In gratitude for the medicine of the winged ones.  A’ho!

Mitakuye Oyasin  ~  All My Relations