Moccasin Workshop Weekend

A moccasin crafting workshop is scheduled this weekend at Soul Proprietor.  It will be full for both myself and the beauties who come to sew their new shoes.  Echo Lake will hold us  with an expanse of sky – sometimes sunny sometimes gray – to color the water blue or brooding, a circle of Standing Ones surround us, and always birds are present to delight  and distract us.

When I first set out to sew custom fitted moccasin, I hadn’t any idea what in-depth information the traced and measured feet could tell.  Of course there are the obvious – shape and size, fallen arches or bunions, the splay or length of the toes.  What was unexpected was that the tracings expressed not only shape but the complexion of their owner.  I have seen the fullness of personality and withdrawn tendencies, as well as both balance and imbalance.

As the patterns that will become the moccasin come together my guides will often offer words or phrases.  These are generally mysterious to me yet meaningful for the owner of the new shoes.

Ceremony to honor the buffalo, my ancestors, my teacher and the client always comes before any further work ensues.  If I am hand-stitching for a client, I ask what prayers or intentions they might want sewn into each stitch?  What will I hold for them as I work?  If a client is sewing for themselves, I encourage them to hold themselves in high regard, to be sure to sew their devotions are into their shoes.  The medicine of the buffalo tells us we have plenty, much abundance to be grateful for.  Buffalo also reminds us anything can be achieved through right action and that we must shoulder our own responsibilities to attain success.  These powers can be held in mind and heart while we sew.  Buffalo medicine is good guardianship for our walk in the world.

Consider joining an upcoming moccasin workshop or commission a pair of moccasin to be sewn for you.

Blessing to you all.                                                        Aho Mitakuye Oyasin



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