Let’s Hear It For Teachers

Grandmothers and Grandfather.  Ancestors and Allies.  The Star Nation,  The Stone Nation.  The Standing Ones.  Those with fins and those with feathers.  The four-legged.  Mother Earth.  The waters – still, swift and big.  The light.  The dark.  Fathers.  Mothers.  Sons.  And daughters.  Other peoples children.  Lovers.  Broken hearts.  Marriage.  Divorce.  Families of origin.  Chosen ones.  Community.  Spirit Guides.  Totems.  Those whose opinions differ from our own.  The clerk in the grocery store.  The homeless.  Hunger.  Strangers.  The Mystery.  The Divine.   Teachers in skin.   Teachers who have transitioned.   Birth.  Life.  Death.  Our bodies.  Good health.  Illness.  Our minds.  Road trips.  Silence.  Listening.  Music.  Poetry.  Art.  Literature.  Laughter.   Nature.  Ceremony.   Forgiveness.  Self- love.   Abundance.  Lack.  Gratitude.  Curiosity.  The unknown.

The possibilities are endless…

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin

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