Deer Medicine

So this happened this morning!

Two young White-tail deer splashing around in the lake.  They seemed to be playing.  While watching them, I saw that the first of the wild irises have begun to bloom at the waters edge which is equally exciting as I have been endeavoring to reestablish the native species.   The deer were a perfect reminder for me to remember the many paths that can be taken, to go gently – with myself and with others.

I find it an interesting duality with the medicine of deer.  The animal itself appears cautious and even timid yet the deer hide when pulled into a drum is extremely powerful and carries a loud voice.  The medicine of the deer teaches about trusting our instincts, seeking safety in negative situations and about the plenitude of life.  “Deer teaches us to use the power of gentleness to touch the hearts and minds of wounded beings” says Sams and Carson.  The world could sure use more compassion like that!  How can I apply this medicine to my own life and the situations I find myself in?  How can I use this medicine with those I love?  What new adventures will arise in our relationships to ourselves and each other when I do?

The deer rawhide is gentle to work with also.  It pulls easily into a taut drum, it dries quickly as it is on the thin side.  This speaks to me personally about having thin skin and being too sensitive, about tuning into my inner thoughts and perceptions – about seeking the bigger picture and truth.  Tanned deer hide makes durable and protective drum bags.  This leather is supple and yielding – a direct contrast to the tight drum head, again leading me to look at the dualities in both the deer and in life.  There is always two sides to the coin.

Is a new deer hide drum calling to you?  Join in for the next drum birthing workshop on Monday May 26th.

In gratitude for the plenitude… Aho Mitakuye Oyasin!

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