Experiential Gifting

In our consumer driven society, where most of us truly have far more things than we need – an experiential gift is both meaningful and worthwhile.

A Soul Proprietor Learning Workshop is a gift of significance.  Each time we come together to craft, we create purpose, intention and substance.  Whether for a celebration occasion like birthdays and anniversaries or to deepen time with family and community – a children’s day, girlfriend time, male bonding, new babies, emotional and spiritual healing or for no reason at all – schedule a time to immerse yourself and your intended  in a positively influential endeavor.  The time spent together creating is a lasting gift – wing medicine for smudging, a talking stick for council,  a drum to journey with, a rattle or custom fit moccasin crafting – a gift that can alter life in a good way for many years to come.

The experience of a medicine gift nurtures the mind, body and spirit of the one receiving as well as the one who gives the gift, the medicine working in subtle and mysterious ways.

Gift for the joy of it!

Blessings for your good health, happy and whole hearts and all the help you might need…. Aho Mitakuye Oyasin!


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