Feeding the Fire Ceremony

Come all you Moms and Young Women!

A Feeding the Fire ceremony is planned this Friday evening July 11th beginning at 5pm.  This ceremony is a celebration of the feminine, of our moon time, it’s power and our beauty!  This is an old and traditional ceremony that encourages and supports a girl as she transitions into her moon time and beyond into womanhood.  By bringing this ceremony into our modern day we are aiming to break the taboos, the shaming and embarrassment that so often accompanies a girl and a woman’s cycle in the Western culture.  In the Lakota tradition a woman is considered powerful, connected to the natural rhythm of the Moon and Earth at all times and especially when she is on her moon.  In the ceremony we will acknowledge that this is a truth about all women.  We will hold ourselves in high esteem and bring this belief forward in a good way for each girl and woman in the world.

A fire is built in a sacred way, honoring the Standing Ones who have given themselves for this rite.  As the night grows darker and the fire grows higher – fed by each of the girls and women in attendance stick by stick, we will tell stories of the sacred feminine, of important women within our personal orbits, of women who have inspired us by their journey.  Will sing songs that are prayers.  We will grind corn – an honoring of the sacred foods that feed us.  We laugh and invite the joyfulness of the night to seep into the all the days to come.

This ceremony will be held on Echo Lake, the lake will bath us with warm waters to play and swim in beneath a Full Moon.  Sharing a potluck feast is customary – Shamanic S’mores our after dark treat!

Email barbara@soulproprietor.org to get the address and any other details you might need to attend.  This ceremony is for girls and women  only please.

In gratitude.  With love and light….. Aho Mitakuye Oyasin!

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