The Missing Link

What am I called to do?

At this time – I am hearing, feeling, seeing like never before the energetics that holds us all together.  Life, energy, tensions have heightened yet again – it appears to me like the sensation of a spinning top on the verge of careening off the surface of a table.   I am aware of the external energy’s tug and pull.  Yet I remain calm internally, I am grounded in something deeper.

This definitely has not always been the case for me.  I can relate to angst or dread, chaos, discomforts both real and imagined.  Freeing myself  from the frenzied dynamics of the world came to me at a glacial pace – imperceptibly slow at first and now accelerated, just as the glaciers of the world are melting away before our eyes.   Coming to this Medicine Way as been my deliverance toward peace of mind.  Everyone needs to find their own way of course – the ways are many – this way works for me.  I feel supported, guided, uplifted, no longed tangled in the obstacles to my own centeredness.

There is still more to do.  At this time, I am being called to clean up the karma of my past – in this lifetime and in others.  There are amends to make for myself and for my ancestors – reparations and apologies to make that stretch beyond the boundaries of skin or time, culture and species.  There is forgiveness offer.  Forgiveness to receive.   I am the missing link in my lineage.  We are all the missing links.  We are what links the past to the future in our heritage.  We are all connected.  We are all the same energy.

One way forward for me is by connecting into the limitless power of new medicines secreted safely into a Medicine Bag.  Medicine Bags are personal and unique to each of us.  Still, the guidance I am receiving is that we are all being asked to step up our energetic responsibility – clean our closets if you will on all levels – physically, emotionally, spiritually, ancestrally.  By tending to our personal and karmic debt, we make ourselves whole, alleviating our suffering and keep ourselves out of the fray.  Doing our work also creates goodwill enough to share.  Imagine… if there were no more fractures in the mirror that is the external world reflecting back at us.

Saturday, July 19 from noon until 6pm, Soul Proprietor will be offering a workshop day for you to come journey – making new relations and reaffirm old allies that are offering their medicine to support you in your process.  Receive the wisdom with presence of mind and a clear heart.  Stitch your intentions and prayers into a Medicine Bag.   Find what links you here and now, from the past and to the future.

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Aho Mitakuye Oyasin!


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