Light Revolution

It is true that there is a lot of darkness in the world.  In this  country alone, the homeless population is estimated to upwards of 3.5 million people – half of which are children.  An estimated 38 million people in America are food insecure.  22 young veterans commit suicide every day.  The United States of America isn’t united – the delta between political, philosophical and spiritual beliefs is wide – fear fills the gap.  Chemical poisons are fouling our rivers and drinking water.   The number of countries globally involved in some sort of conflict or war is staggering.  Species of all sorts are in radical decline for a vast number of reasons.   The list is long, easily overwhelming and depressing to think about.

This is why I am constantly called to speak up.  There is light in the world too.  Not just the heart warming clips on the evening news but real live people in our everyday lives that move and inspire us to believe in a  renewed faith that goodness is in the world.

That’s how Toni appeared to me recently.  I was at a bank cash machine when she came up to me and asked me where I got the moccasin I was wearing.   I told her I had made them.  I offered that I could make her a pair.  Trusting me, a total stranger, she gave me $100 cash before she even knew my name or phone number!  Sewing a pair of moccasin for her was much more than meaningful work for me.  Toni showed me that there are people other than myself who still believe in the goodness of a stranger, that the darkness and skepticism that is so pervasive isn’t the sum-total of beliefs.

I realize too, I am open to this sort of exchange with another – light attracts light.  Light also extinguishes the darkness, only taking one person to turn on the light in a darkened room filled with thousands.  It isn’t naiveté, there are solutions to hunger and homelessness.  Use your voice and vote to demand protected and clean water – people over coorporations.  Reach out to those who have served and whose lives have been so fractured by war, lend your helping hands and hearts.  Light is revolutionary – it’s time for a revolution.

Toni3Pilamaya Toni!  Pilamaya!

Soul Proprietor custom fits each moccasin to the individual foot (I traced and measured Toni’s feet in the parking lot). These hand stitched moccasin hug your feet.  I also offer learning workshop, teaching you to sew your own moccasin – scheduled conveniently between us.  I hold any intentions, needs or prayers I am asked to by you while I sew.  Each stitch has the presence of love and light.   Three styles to choose from – how would you like to walk through the day?


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