Custom Fit Hand-stitched Moccasin


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Sewn with your intentions for your walk in the world, with respect and reverence for the animal – Soul Proprietor moccasin are one of a kind, created especially for you.

Custom fit and hand stitched, these moccasin are fit for your feet and your feet alone.  Your personal foot measurements are used to craft these moccasin for the very best fit possible.

Sew  from buffalo hide with three layer soles for extra comfort walking on uneven or stony surfaces.  The inner piece of leather a hardened yet flexible piece of leather.  Each hide is unique with the life of the animal held in the markings and patterns naturally ingrained into the tanned leather.  Quadruple stitches assure a long lasting construction.

Sliced antler buttons or antler tips are used for closure.


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