Slides and Slippers



October 23 & 29, 11am to 6pm both days.

A two day workshop crafting your custom-fit and hand stitched “intentional” slides or slippers. I’ll guide you through the entire crafting process of setting your intentions, your heart’s desires, and your prayer (if that’s your thing) into the soles of these slippers and the crafting process of shoemaking. Yes, you can make shoes!

How do you choose and hope for yourself going forward into this darker season? What are the intentions you’d like to set for yourself, your identity, your growth, your comfort? The potentials are infinite. Visually and with love, these custom creations afford you the best blessings you deserve and that you might hold for yourself in private, or shared.

Engage with the softest deer leather, the sturdiest buffalo or moose leathers. Engage with creativity, it’s good for the soul!

Treat yourself, family and friends to this workshop or commission the work to be done for you. The holidays are right around the corner.

With gratitude…


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