Mother’s Day

I hope today has been joy filled and nourishing for you all.  I enjoyed a quiet day, reflecting and resting.  I took the opportunity to sew with buffalo leather, a beautiful possible bag, while sitting in the warm afternoon sunshine.  I don’t find Mother’s Day to be special in any particular way, not as a daughter nor as a mother.

As a daughter, my needs were met in a good way by the very best possible mother for me.  My mother, Toni, was funny.  She sang with the voice of an angel.  She taught me about self-love and tenacity.  She crossed a few months ago yet continues to be present in my life – everyday.  I still have a quite a road ahead, grief is a life long process.  So is the healing.  Gratefully, I am recovering myself through the progression of my grief.  Her loving Spirit is soul doctoring me.

My effort at mothering resulted in a happy, healthy, productive part of humanity, a good citizen doing good in the world.  I am deeply appreciative of the fine man my son is.  It is very gratifying to know he is self-respecting and spirited.   Richard taught me unconditional love, brought joy into my life and gives me reason after to reason to be well-pleased.

I don’t have any real laments either, about being the daughter or about being the mother.  It is true though, I would like it if I could have a do over in both cases.  If I could, my mother would still be on this side.   If I could I would relish my boy growing up once again.  This is would cherish.  Since  these fancy thoughts aren’t possible, I will be grateful instead – knowing my mother loved me and that she knew I loved her.  The same can be said for my son, I know he loves me, he knows I love him.  And I am blessed with knowing how to mother myself in a very good way.  This makes everyday special.

Many blessings and Happy Mother’s Day.



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