Moms and Kids Day

We were a small group today – Ophelia’s Book Store is keeping one mom busy and another mom walking the Camino de Santiago on a pilgrimage.  We were small but we were just right.  Often we will journey, today 11 year old Eva was offered the chance to drum for the very first time.  She is in love with horses, so making relations with the horse drum was just right medicine for her!

Before she began to drum, I shared a reminder to us all about the necessity for creating a safe container for our work – a protected and sacred container where only what serves our highest good comes forward.  It is important to have these reminders often for all of us to help reinforce the practice of creating a safe environment for a shamanic journey. We also spoke about the importance of engaging with our Spirit animal guides to bring personal protection to us each day in our daily lives.  What does it take to build these relationships?

Eva drummed with her allies help and she did so beautifully, coming away from the experience exuberant.  Afterwards, a bit of leather crafting, all the while talking about our heart’s desires and the way we are walking in the world.  Eva created a colorful leather pouch adorned with black horse hair.  The horse hair came from Lysje, my sisters Friesian mare.  it was a wonder full day!

We missed our friends, looking eagerly towards the next gathering when we can all be together.

Pilamaya, Pilamaya!



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