Wing Medicine Workshop

Join in for a celebration of Mother and all things divinely feminine.  Wing Medicine Workshop – May 11, 2014 – noon to 6pm                    Workshop fee $75 – all materials included

Please RSVP your intention to join so I may prepare for you.

Ted Andrews writes in his book Animal Speak, ” The turkey is sometimes called the earth eagle.  It has a long history of association with spirituality and honoring of Mother Earth.  It is a symbol of all the blessings that the Earth contains, along with the ability to use them.”  Is it time to transcend the mundane and put your energy to good use for the greater good?  What is needed at this time in your immediate world, that of your family or community?

The Wild Turkey is a very intelligent and complex bird native to North America.  The Wild Turkey has acute senses and a highly developed social system often found in flocks of up to 60 individuals.  They are known to work cooperatively both in their foraging needs and with rearing their young.  Not only are they big and beautiful but the females are excellent mothers taking up to two years to fully raise a brood.  There is so much a young turkey must learn.  Is it time to mother yourself in a really good way?  What would feed you?  Are your physical needs being met?  How about your spiritual needs?  What could you do for yourself to bless yourself up in a good way?

Crafting a feather fan for energetic clearing with the wing or tail of the Wild Turkey creates the opportunity for receiving gifts – material, spiritual or intellectual.  I believe now is the time to use all the gifts available to us to their fullest potential.  By doing so, we give back to the Divine in a truly wonderful way.

 Aho Mitakuye Oyasin


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