Easter Sunday

Many fish are jumping on a glassy Echo Lake, the lake having been stocked by Washington Fish and Wildlife just a few days ago.  Most of the day, a pair of Osprey have circled on the wing.  They will tuck their long slender powerful wings, into a dive they go either pulling up at the last moment or splashing feet first into the water.  The splash is huge!  The Osprey comes up without a fish more often than it makes a catch.  Whether with or without, the Osprey will always give a shake once a few feet off the surface of the lake to shed the water from it’s feathers.   For some reason I never tire of seeing this quick motion.  As the Osprey casts off the lake water, it delights me, I watch eagerly for that moment.  Odd perhaps yet true.   Song birds fill the air with their sweetest mating and contact calls. Yesterday I sat with a lovely circle of nine women to guide them in the crafting of their personal medicine bags.  They were so respectful of themselves, each other and sacredness of their work.  Today I have chosen to be still enjoying the quiet of this Easter Sunday when families are gathering, cheerful voices along with the birdsong.  No one is mowing their lawn – thankfully.  The thin clouds are giving way to blue sky.  The sun is illuminating the late afternoon, it’s own resurrection, a rebirth from behind the grey clouds. It’s always a good day on Echo Lake.

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