Well Worn and Repaired

An opportunity to repair some well loved and well worn moccasin came up yesterday.  With it some time to reflect – what were the original intentions that had been sewn into the shoes for the owner?  Had there been an impact in the life of the one who’d been wearing the shoes “everyday”?  The chance to talk, ask these questions and learn the answers was also an opportunity to deepen my relationship with the person.  This makes the work I do far more meaningful and enriches my life.

Carefully the worn sinew would need to be cut out and then replaced.  We didn’t discuss any new prayers or intentions.  What to do?


Start with smudge.  Sage to cleanse and clear my heart and hands, bring my attention to this work. Call my ancestors to help me sew.  Sure I know how to do this work alone, I just don’t want to do it alone. I need and want the presence of my guides.  Wopila! Gather my supplies, smudge them too.  And because the sun is shining, working outside is always my first choice.  These final days of summer are golden – the cooler temperatures, the recent rains having dusted everything off just like the sage smoke will and blue sky with sunshine – perfect work sitting by the lake to sew.

I’ll hold the highest good as my intentions for the owner of these shoes.  Good health.  Any help that is needed.  Happy and whole heart.  Health, help and happiness – cannot possibly go wrong holding these intentions for another’s highest good.


There is something sweet for me, seeing the way the feet imprint upon the hide, the sole patterns.  I think with these moccasin there is the possibility of one more repair before the soles will need replacing – the uppers are still in remarkable condition.  This shows me how there is always balance – always room for improvement and always things that are just right as they are.

Om and Aho!  All my relations.  Pilamaya!

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