The Gift of Purpose

Brent Burbridge said in his essay the Natural Buddha for ascent magazine, Fall 2002 , “In all things, I try to work from within for my own satisfaction, and the satisfaction of the Divine who has placed me here in this place at this time among these people.  To live according to this spirit is a gift both to God and one’s self.”

Burbridge was writing about his personal journey after his discovery of Thomas Merton.  His words struck a chord with me as I have been contemplating my own journey within along with my work as a gift from the Divine.   I believe my purpose in this lifetime is to know myself.  I have been given the gift of sacred work. Through this work I can know myself.

Every plant, animal and mineral has an energetic power and wisdom to impart.  As I work with these creatures and sentient beings I keep my heart and mind open to listen to their voice.  I seek them out as I ponder and process, I tap into them while I work and reflect to understand not only their knowledge but to understand mine.   How do I want  to know myself?  What is my wisdom?  What is the imprint I am making in the world of the living and on the earth?

I am in part my ancestral lineage and  I am a reflection of the Divine – stardust and clay.   I am the growth rings of the Douglas fir.  I am the little fish that leaps from the waters for the May fly.   I am the gray squirrel who dares to come into the house, knowing where the stash of peanuts is.  I can discover my own hidden bounties as I endeavor to know the  Divine within.  I believe we all have this capacity.  Do we dare?  Will we leap?

“Our idea of God tells us more about ourselves than it does of Him.” Thomas Merton

Join me, know yourself as Divine.  There is a plethora of medicine to support you here at Soul Proprietor, the sacred container is set, there is beautiful work to be done.  I have been asked to be here at this time, in this place, among these people – there is beautiful work to be done.

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin

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