Teachings in the Stream

Says Phil Lane, Jr., Four Worlds International Institute founder http://www.fwii.net/ in an interview for Architects of Peace; he was speaking of what his Grandfather had told him, “Look Grandson at the beautiful teachings the Creator has put in the little stream. Feel the water and see how gently and lovingly it touches your hands. It travels through deserts and mountains and many places, but it never turns its back on anyone or anything. Even though it gives life to all living things, it is very humble for it always seeks the lowest spot. But it has great faith, power, and patience, for even if a mountain stands in its path, it keeps moving forward until finally that mountain is washed into the sea. These are the spiritual gifts the Creator has given each of us. If we are to be happy within ourselves and with one another, we too must develop these sacred gifts.” “Grandson the longest road you will ever walk is the sacred journey from your head to your heart.”

I find these words inspiring. May they be some sort of peace of mind and heart for you too.

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