Spirit Light

Zara came running up to the display table I’d set up at the Sundust Oracle Institute’s Artist’s Fair last Sunday – vibrant child with dark eyes alight.  A ziplock bag with change drops from her little hand onto the table, she announcing she’s shopping for her sister and brother.  I gathered her into my arms, a ‘glad to see you hug’ and tell her how thoughtful she is.  I pick out feather options for her to choose between.  That one is for brother she points.  Handing it to her to hold while I cut a piece of red fabric to wrap this medicine gift in, we share a lively exchange of words and excitement.  I learn from her how she has been since I saw her last and how her family is and that the big one, pointing at a coin in the bag, came from the Tooth Fairy.  She shows me with a big smile her missing and new tooth.  Her brother’s feather gift is folded into the fabric now and I cut a piece of sinew to tie the end closed.  Each time a knot is made, a prayer is tied into the knot, she already knows this.  I ask her what prayer she has for her brother?  Her words are so sweet, for his “joy and highest good” coming easily, unembarrassed to speak aloud.  She blows the prayer into the sinew as it’s pulled tight.  I notice that I am holding my breath, stunned at her generosity of spirit, the wisdom of her words, prayers that are golden from her wide open heart.  Each end tied, prayers from an exuberant Spirit Light Child.  So engaging she is – we keep talking as she chooses between two feathers for her sisters gift.  She asks my opinion and I defer back to her – what does she think her sister would like best?  She chooses and again I cut a piece of fabric and two pieces of sinew to bind the ends.  All the while we are catching up on life, more hugs and she tells me a secret – I promised not to tell.  She offers fresh prayers for her sister into teach knot.  She is such a Light.  I am thrilled to be with her and share this precious moment.

I offer her feathers to choose from, my gift back to her.  She accepts, choosing the darker feathers with shining hematite that seems so pale compared to her smiling eyes.  This time, I ask her what prayers she’s like to put up for herself in the knotted sinew?  She offers prayers for her parents instead.  And another for all beings on the earth.   Again I am in awe of this child.

Another big hug and off she goes, three red wrapped bundles in her arms.

Some time later, she is in front of me again, this time with a present for me!  At the art table, she created a gift with me – cotton for snow, a feather glued in place with symbols stamped onto a board.  Her name – Zara – written on top.   I find I am choking back tears.  So deeply touched by her Spirit – generous and kind, brilliantly alight.

This particular holiday season, I am feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders.  I’ve returned again and again to the discontent and fractures within the U.S. and around the world.  I have felt unusual and overwhelming despair and uncharacteristic angst.  The idea of Peace of Earth seems impossible at this time, more breaking down is needed before any reparations can occur.

And sweet Zara, unbeknownst to her has been the carrier and keeper of the Light I have needed to carry on – a reminder that it’s not all sound bites and hatred.  She is Love.  She is Light.  She is the hopefulness I can hold onto for the future, for the next Seven Generations.  I am so blessed to know her.  So grateful.

Pilamaya Zara!  Pilamaya to her wonderful nurturing parents!

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin  ~  All My Relations

Days later before this writing, I counted the change in the ziplock bag out of curiosity…. $7.77 ~ how auspicious a number!  Seven by itself a sacred number.  Three 7s = 21, the number of the Universe.  Little angel in skin, Spirit Light.  A gift to us all.

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