Solstice Stones

The Ceremonialist met for an early Summer Solstice celebration this weekend.  A sunny warm afternoon had the girls in Echo Lake right away looking for tadpole and getting fish nibbles.  While they swam to the other side and back, the moms were able to sink into a little down time, shedding the energy of their city life and allowing for their own energy to ease into the more gentle pace.

After a shared meal (thank you girls for washing the dishes!!) we set about the tradition of some ritual.

An altar had been laid in the yard – a circle of cedar boughs with stones marking the cardinal directions, a stone compass at the center.  A spiral extended out from the compass moving with the direction of the seasons.  We begin in the West, honoring the feminine, the water and offering prayers for all that depends upon the waters.  Some of us made our offerings aloud, some silent.  As we moved around the wheel, we talked of what the autumn holds and of harvest.  In the North we each laid down our tobacco and prayers to the Ancients, the Standing Nation, the dream time and whatever else our hearts hold.  A fire was burning in the East – we made offering for what needs transmuting into new form, blessings for the masculine, the warmth and a welcoming of the light.

Moving on the South we spoke of ancient stone creations built to catch the first light of a summer solstice morning.  We set about constructing our own version of a sun temple with many openings to allow for the sunlight to stream through from where it first comes into the yard at dawn onto a patch of cattails that hold a Red-winged Blackbird nest filled with three fuzzy headed chicks with two very defensive parents.

Solstice Stones 2

Adding more blessings for the sun season, prayers of peace and non-violence, and an abundance of joy when our beautifully balanced Solstice Stones was complete.  Around the wheel we went, back to the West, our circle intact, beautiful sweet voices singing Joni Mitchell’s Circle Games “…and the seasons the go round and round…”.

And what could be better than Shamanic S’mores by the fire as darkness closed gently around us?  We could only think of our time together lasting longer!

The Ceremonialist is an open group of Moms and Kids that gathers monthly to share time and stories, craft and create, explore and relax while learning something of the old ways and something of ourselves.

Pilamaya to the light and the seasons as they go round and round.  Pilamaya to all the Moms and Kids I am blessed with.  Love to you!

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin!

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