Rest, Respite, and Releasing the Density

Stepping into the forest, the outside world can so easily be shed.  The vibration of the trees slows my thinking and begs for me to be still, stand with them in golden radiant sunlight, let them hold me.

This mighty Western Red Cedar tree is one of many old growth trees along the hike to Dorothy Lake, part of the bounty of the PNW.  My dear friend and I walked the trail up to the lake yesterday, sat in the warmth of the sun with our feet I the cold water – sweet respite!  We come from and practice different traditions yet we are always going in the same direction.  Each time we hike, we talk of the generosity that comes from embracing the light, from shedding the density of fear.  We know it exists, even within us on some levels, flirting with and luring us to old patterns and ways of being.  And still we know the feelings of happiness and peace that we live with every day by not holding onto the fearful places or by getting twisted up in the fear mongering that is so prevalent today.  Life is good.  Resting within the forest is such an incredible boon.   I am so grateful that fear doesn’t rule my life any longer.  That I know in this lifetime I am called to seek the light.  Share it out from an open heart, one of many gifts from the forest.

I am grateful too for the Standing Nation, these beautiful trees who we cannot live without.  They clean up our filth so we have fresh air to breathe!  Om!  Wopila!  They are my friends too, like the sweet companion I hike with – I am grateful!

Says Ted Andrews, “All cedars have a fragrance that is cleansing and protecting.  It has been used in rituals and ceremonies to prepare a person or an area.  Native Americans used it for it’s purification properties.  A staff made from cedar has the energy of protection, and it can open opportunities to heal imbalances of an emotional or astral nature.  Cedar is a tree whose spirit and essence will strengthen and enhance the inner potential of the individual.  This is a tree tied to strong healing energies.  Its energies cleanse the auric field, especially at night while the individual sleeps.  It helps the individual to balance the emotional and mental bodies and can stimulate dream activity, which brings inspiration and calm.”

I use cedar wood in the crafting of rattles and icabu, the hoops of drums and for medicine staffs and talking sticks.

Across my Path

No matter what crosses my path internally or externally, I will keep going this direction, for it is calling and I am willing to met it.                    Aho Mitakuye Oyasin!


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