Illuminate Also My Heart

It’s a frozen morning here at Echo Lake.  A thin crust of snow covers everything.  The Standing Ones are magnificent with glittering frost illuminated pink in the with the rising sunlight.  Pale blue sky.  All the Steller’s Jay are here it seems, likewise with the Oregon Junco and Song Sparrow.  Anna Hummingbirds are vying for their place at the feeder.  Many ducks on the water.  Will the juvenile Bald Eagle come again today, having no hunting success here yesterday?  Deer were in the upper yard when I rose, casually browsing, ever vigilant.  Just in the few moments it’s taken to write these words, several Towhee have come to the porch.  Many voices, everyone is awake.  Cold mornings like this – extra seed, another suet, swap out the hummingbird juice as it’s already getting slushy.

The medicine of Buffalo and Horse have been prepared.  Cedar hoops await.  A circle of women will birth new drums today.  I am blessed to be their midwife.  Witnessing their process.  All hands joining together to pull the laces tight.  Their joy.  The tenderness.  The hard work.  The delight and self-satisfaction.  The admiration for their new drums.  I honor these women.  I put up gratitude for my teacher who brought these ways into my life.  Pilamaya!

You who are the source of all power, Whose rays illuminate the world, Illuminate also my heart, So that it too can do Your work.   ~Gayatri

The sunlight is making its way slowly down to Mother Earth illuminating everything.  Good Morning World.

May All Beings know a moment of peace today.

All My Relations  ~  Mitakuye Oyasin


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