Drum Making Workshop

“….I don’t want to work, I want to bang on the drum all day, I don’t want to play, I just want to bang on the drum all day….”                               Todd Rundgren

Before we can bang on the drum, we need to birth the drum.  A labor of love like childbirth, bringing a new drum into the world is work – hard, sweet, rewarding work.  A drum is sacred medicine – the heartbeat of the Earth, the Shaman’s tool to transit realities, enjoyably pleasant for anyone to play, each drum as individual as the one who births it.

We begin our workshop day by coming together as one heart with an invocation to the Four Winds and calling on the spirit of the animal hide to guide us.  First comes the easy and meditative sanding wood for the icabu, the drumstick – exposing the life hidden in the wood grain.  Sewing the beater portion rounds out the morning completing the icabu.  We’ll share a simple meal and make ready for the real work to begin.

First, some time for communion and a journey to met and receive initial wisdom from the hides.  Chen Chegas, drums, can be birthed from deer, elk, buffalo, horse or bear hides – each medicine unique.  Now the real work begins with cutting the drum heads and laces. This can be equated to the transition of labor, continuing through the lacing process.  The final push of labor follows as we tighten the lace, bring forth a new baby drum, delivering a new voice into the world.

Monday May 26th, 10am until we are complete, please RSVP your intention to attend this workshop so I may properly prepare for you.  Workshop exchange is $250 all materials includes.

In gratitude for these old ways and those who heed the call.  Aho!

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