Drumming in Wild Places

When I travel, go camping or just get out to the Snohomish River for a walk I more often than not bring a drum along.  Over the years of doing so, I have discovered that the places I go drum the drum.  I hold the the icabu, the drumstick, but it isn’t me that determines the beat.  The river will.  The Pacific ocean certainly did when I was there recently.  The Ancestors do, too.  A stream will send up a gentle voice calling.  Whereas the ocean’s rhythm is forceful and intense matching the immensity of it.  It is often surprising what comes through.  Delightful.  Beautiful.  The drumming connects me deeply to the vibrations of the Earth.

I haven’t had the experience of drumming in a city, on the city street.  I am so curious what this energetic might be.  Have you done this?  Pease share your experience.

Soul Proprietor will be offering a Drum Birthing Workshop this Sunday, June 8th, 10am until complete.  Will you join in?  Birth a drum?  And let it’s voice drum through you?  Take it to the street?  Or wild places?

Email barbara@soulproprietor.org or sign up via a comment on this blog post to state your intention to join allowing me to properly prepare for you.

Looking forward with joy.                             Aho Mitakuye Oyasin!

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