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SOI’s 7th Annual Artist Fair

Gratitude is the theme of this years Sundust Oracle Institute’s Artist’s Fair!  What a tremendous place of focus as I work and prepare for this show.  Every stitch, each knot is tied with intention – GRATITUDE!

The Winter Solstice will be a celebration of art, entertainment, music, poetry, readings, food, silent auction, solstice ceremony and a dance party!  Come!  Celebrate with old friends, make new acquaintances, shop for last-minute holiday gifts with purpose.  The Artist are all local people committed to a path of spirit oriented work that serves the greater good.

The Factory Luxe  ~ 3100 Airport Way South, Seattle WA 98134  Sunday, December 21 ~ 11am~8pm, plenty of free parking available.

Soul Proprietor will be bringing a variety of medicine objects – feather fans, rattles, drums, baby moccasin, staffs and talking sticks.  Every piece of work crafted with intention, holding the feeling of gratitude, connecting consciously with the physical sensations, the emotional experiences and the earnest desire to share – to pass it on so that gratitude might live within each of us, full-time.  While I’ve been working and holding this way of being in my heart, I’ve been reminded of The Night Turtle Dance – the dance is a ceremony of gratitude.  Mother Earth is so generous, all our needs are met and then some by her multitude of offerings.  The medicine I have been working with, all a gift of the Earth – Winged Ones, Four-leggeds,  Standing Ones, Water Beings and the Stone Nation – each have been prayed for and now prayed with that whoever is drawn to each piece receives the gift of gratitude as well as the gift of our Mother.

I have offered  my own gratitude to All the Nations I have been working with.  I am fortunate to receive such abundance, medicine for my own life and process.  Blessings and Boons!  Wopila!

I’ll be measuring feet for the durable moccasin I am sewing too.  These shoes are custom fit for your feet.  While I am taking measurements at the show, they will be crafted in the Studio afterwards – first come, first served.

And a bit of photography just for fun!

Mitakuye Oyasin  ~  All My Relations