Birds of a Feather

“It’s not enough to have the feathers. You must dare to fly!”                   ~ Cass van Krah

My life is filled with circles.  I live within circles – the trees, Echo Lake, the communities I serve, the spaces where I pray.  I’ve studied in several circles and I am guided teach to many as well.   This weekend I have been invited to mentor to a circle of women  – Sisters,  Regine della Luna, in the craft and use of feather fans.  Their beautiful and graceful teacher entrusts me with imparting this wisdom knowing that I am guided by my Ancestors, and that they always lead the way.  Our co-creations together have always been a gorgeous blossoming forth.  I am deeply grateful for this opportunity and the gifts the day will bring.

This group of 8 women have been studying together for some time now.  It’s my understanding that they are bonded with deep integrity and respect for one another.  I can hardly wait to meet them.  My drum is talking, he too is eager.  Drumming for a journey to make the introductions is quite often a part of the teachings here at Soul Proprietor.  I am guided to suggest to them that they tell the spirit guide of the medicine “who they are and why they are coming” to this medicine.  And to ask, “what does the medicine of the pheasant want them to know?”.    This is only the beginning, the crafting follows and the relationships begin to solidify.  Sometimes it may take a while to find the footing and comfort in working with a feather fan – learning to receive the wisdom of the pheasant and how to integrate the wisdom into ones life.  And it may well come easily for these women as they have been well prepared by their teacher.

“It is not only fine feathers that make fine birds.”
~ Aesop

The feather fans crafted today may be for personal work or possibly for work in the community, both – either way, the medicine of the pheasant makes for a strong transmitter of energy.  the clearing potential and intelligence of the bird will now within the grasp of these women who are claiming their place in the world as healers – of themselves and potentially others.  A relationship will be forged for doing good – the Four Winds, Earth and Sky, and the Mystery to support them with only the highest good as our intention.

Pheasant medicine teaches patience, confidence, enjoyment of variety and new experiences.  Open spaces without boundaries are most suitable for Pheasant – suggesting a desire to roam, literally and metaphorically.  Color.  Vitality.  Sexuality.  Creation.  With Pheasant, it is best to stay grounded yet discover and explore the esoteric and spiritual, to investigate past lives.

“Life is a full circle, widening until it joins the circle motions of the infinite.”    ~Anaïs Nin

The sun is shining on golden leaves, still on the maple trees.  The Douglas fir surround the maples, like arms around the shoulders of friends.  Gray clouds hold them both.  All are mirrored onto Echo Lake – the sun sees to it the reflections are cast long and far.  Many Mallard, Hooded Merganser and American Wigeon are on the water, scattered among the reflected colors.  It’s always a good day at Echo Lake.

In Gratitude  ~  Aho Mitakuye Oyasin


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