A Studio for the Soul

The act of creativity is good medicine for the soul.

In our modern society, it is so easy to get out of alignment, out of sync with the fact that we inhabiting and living in a natural world. We are bombarded with stresses and energetic interference, the weight of the world can become unhealthy and debilitating. Without the natural world as a tether connecting us to the Oneness, we can quite easily become lost.  Nature reconnects us by bridging the gaps between modernity and peace of mind, body, spirit.

The word medicine, in Indigenous terms, equates to power. The teachings at Soul Proprietor both holds space for and fosters access to the powers of the natural world. Each of us has a unique means of support as nature is abundant with allies that protect, teach, augment, and guide us on our paths.

Medicine is both a revealer and a healer. Hands-on and experiential, every workshop is a ceremony where crafting and learning the use of medicine objects, such as a smudge fan, a rattle, or a drum can realign us by bridging the seen and unseen worlds in equal measure. A harmonization within ourselves and with the other inhabitants we share our Mother Earth with, along with the rhythms, cycles, and seasons are but a few of the gifts possible when in relationship to a medicine way.

The ancient, Indigenous and Shamanic, teachings of all cultures is sorely lacking in our modern world. Having been misplaced, our understanding of how to be in relationship with the Whole deserves to be healed now, mended, so our future generations can be healthy, happy, and whole. The crafting of medicine objects is a rich process of drawing joy from the magic of creation.  Medicine tools contain the spiritual qualities of the animal, plant, and mineral realm.

I invited you to come walk with me in a medicine way. Truly, it is good for your soul.

Commissioned work. In-house workshops. Off-site workshops. Private crafting – individual and groups. Mentorship studies.



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