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As a six years old, I knew that I’d been a tree.  Over the course of my life synchronicity played out.  I still believe the Standing Ones are my relatives and I have lived among them.  My path and philosophy have grown out of a mixture of beliefs, intuitive knowing, and from ancient lineages of teachings.  The old ways – traditional modalities from both the east and the west – run deep within me.

A 20 year yogic path opened me to self-discovery.  I have been a certified yoga instructor since 2003.  I teach privately in one-on-one classes offering a very gentle traditional Hatha style of yoga.  Focusing on the breath and ease at the minimum edge, our work is about awareness of our bodies and the spine.  I am fortunate in that all my teachers were of very old lineages, teaching yoga in its purest form, no modernity.

A long time study of shamanic and Lakota ways brought me to working with the medicines of the natural world. I live and walk these old ways because an awakening in my cellular memory occurred when I crossed a threshold.  A literal crossing from hallway to classroom.  Like thunder clapped me into another world.  A short time later, an Ancestor who had waited patiently for me in the invisible realm of a journey, took hold of my shoulders, he looked into my eyes reminding me of who I am.  I am living my purpose at this time – crafting and teaching what I’ve been shown to the best of my abilities.

Gratefully I teach.  It is an honor to carry these medicine ways, bringing them to as many as will come – seeking their own wisdom and knowledge of self and Source.  It is a true gift to be the one who holds the needle, laces the drum, seeds the rattle, shoes the soles –teaching these ways is remarkable on all levels – my soul sings.  Join me in creating and celebrating, crafting sacred objects for yourself, family and community, for the greater good. Each workshop a day of ceremony and joy, affinity with the natural world, the Four Winds, Mother Earth, Father Sky and the Mystery.  Each crafting creates kinship with Self.

Mitakuye Oyasin  ~  All My Relations

Barbara Ocskai


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