Moccasin Crafting Ceremony



The way I’ve been taught to work is in ceremony, your moccasins are intentional shoes – where do you stand, how do you walk in the world, what is your medicine that you will imprint on the earth with your steps? Your shoes become a prayer in this way.

Your deposit or full exchange secures your seat in a two-day ceremony crafting your intentional moccasins – exchange includes the teachings, medicines, and materials required for completion.

My favorite medicines (leathers) to work with are moose and buffalo. Moose is easier on the hands while working – supple, long lasting, receptive and feminine in energy, attuned (think big antlers as satellites facing the cosmos). Buffalo the medicine of right action, of turning into the storm, grounded, a guardian, family matters – a bit thicker than moose, thus a workout for our hands as we do the work of crafting your shoes. I have both in my closet. As I write this, I’m hearing I’ll need new buffalo moccasins to walk into summer ceremonies and the next steps of my life.

Deepest gratitude.


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