8.14.2021 Turtle Rattle Workshop


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August 14, noon to 6pm.

Turtle, the sacred peacemaker is standing guard at the gateway of growth and healing.

The Turtle Nation is honored and celebrated when the shells arrive at Soul Proprietor’s studio.  These turtle spirits receive the gift of ceremony to clear and cleanse them in a good way.

The Turtle Shell rattles pictured here are examples of the many possibilities.

Every rattle is unique, a one of a kind, just as the patterns on each shell is individual.  As always, we listen for the wisdom of the Turtle to create these sacred objects, the rawhide, tanned leather and wooden sticks used in these creations are unique and offer their wisdom as well.  Choose the style of handle you prefer, wood or wrist strap.  The voice of the rattle comes through of its own – beach glass, bits of seashell, cowry shells and lake stones are most often used – pieces are added and subtracted until the voice or tone is just right, sweet and clear.


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