6.18.2023 Rattle Crafting Ceremony


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July 18, 2023, noon to 6pm.

The new moon blesses our work and helps to seed the rattles.

This rattle workshop is a day of ceremony – creating a rattle in a sacred way.  Offering a shamanic journey to make relations with the animal who wore the skin begins this day of medicine crafting. Rattles are medicine tools that have the capacity to move, cleanse, and clear energies. Working as hollow bones allowing for the essence to be brought forth in a good way, we give opportunity and make way for transformation to occur.

A practice of rattle use on a personal level, within community, or in a healing modality deepens when you’ve crafted the rattle yourself – every stitch is a prayer, tuning the voice to your own vibration and resonance, make it distinctively yours.

All materials included.



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