5.27.2023 Rawhide Rattle Crafting Ceremony



Ma7 27, 2023 – noon to 6pm.

Sending up a voice! Sending up your voice! Vibrations are finely tuned, in harmony, in alignment, in love.

We will be working with rawhide – horse, deer, elk, buffalo and bear are available.  I ask that you let me know in advance what you wish to work with so I may properly prepare for your workshop needs.

All materials are provided for a completed rattle. I encourage you to bring anything special to personalize your medicine.

The photograph is an example of what is possible.  This rattle is sewn from bear rawhide in the shape of a bear fetish, a red spiral painted on both sides of the rattle to represent the North and the ancestral lineage.  The rattle handle is cedar and adorned with red felt, black bear fur and seven black onyx beads.


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