12.18.2021 Medicine Bag Workshop



December 18, 2021, noon to 6pm.

This is an auspicious time to align with the energetics that the winter solstice is bringing. 2021 is 5 universal year meaning we are able to set ourselves free. We are offered an opportunity to redefine not only ourselves but the world we inhabit. Let the medicine be your guide, your guardian, and your inspiration.

Come enjoy a sacred shamanic journey to make relations to the medicine allies that wish to come support you at this time on your path.

It’s time now, as a hollow bone, to hold the needle stitching a sacred container. Craft a personal medicine bag to carry the powers of the plant, animal, and mineral world that are here to augment your personal medicine, to offer protection, and to bring healing to your life, lineage and future generations.

The medicine awaits you. Reserve your seat.



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