12.21.2019 Winter Solstice Rattle Crafting Ceremony


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Celebrate Winter Solstice! Celebrate the returning of the Light crafting a rattle in a ceremony hosted by Paul Mammen on traditional Duwamish Territory.

There is a shift occurring energetically on this day from darkness to light, almost imperceptible at first yet it gains momentum. The date too, 12.21.2019, reduces to 7, a number of  creation and relationship between human energies and the Divine world. A rattle is a potent sacred tool to lift your energy and prayer. To clear away resistance. To create a higher vibration, the resonance of peace-full meditation and journeys. During this ceremony we will rest gently in the dark while intentionally bringing forth and fostering the return of light into our daily lives and relationships, into what we purposefully invite in to being. Working in a sacred manner, each crafted medicine tool quickens this shift in a good way for the Whole.

A practice of rattle use on a personal level, within our family and lineages, community, or in a healing modality deepens when you’ve crafted the rattle yourself – every stitch is a prayer, tuning the voice, harmonizing vibrations and resonance, make it distinctively yours. This ceremonial crafting brings the potentials of the four-legged and the strength of standing ones, all medicines and materials, to augment your gifts, talents, and path in life.

All are welcome.
December 21, 2019
10am until complete, approximately 6pm
Exchange is $165 person, a portion of this exchange will go directly to Real Rent Duwamish.
5 seats available, 1 seat available at sliding scale.
All medicine and materials provided.
You are encouraged to bring anything meaningful that may wish to be present for this crafting.
Bring a journal.
Dress comfortably.
To the best of your abilities, come well rested, hydrated, and with an open heart.

Consider abstaining from all recreational drugs and alcohol for 24 hours prior to this ceremony in honor of the medicine.

We will share a meal in celebration, honoring the ceremony. Please bring a dish to pass. Bring snacks and drinks for your personal needs and to keep your energy up.

This ceremony will be hosted by Paul Mammen
22 W. Highland Dr. #1, Seattle, WA 98119
To register:http://www.soulproprietor.org/product/12-21-winter-solstice-rattle-ceremony/
Midwifing: Hello, I’m Barbara, she/her/human being. I’ve been steeped in ceremonial ways, traditional earth medicine crafting and teaching for over a decade. Humbly, I invite you. In gratitude.




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