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Spiral Dance

Life is one great big learning curve.  A spiral dance.

“Energy moves in cycles, circles, spirals, vortexes, whirls, pulsations, waves, and rhythms—rarely if ever in simple straight lines.” ~ Starhawk

I caught myself in fear. Unraveling the tangled thread of it I found judgment, which showed me clearly that even in the kindness of giving a gift fear can have ugly hooks.

It’s the odd thing that sticks in ones psyche that prevents peace in the heart and creates fear and story in the mind.  Tis the case with me anyway.  Medicine work is always my teacher. It seems the New Ones coming in at this time are Sages or Wisdom Keepers, knowing so much more than me – again bringing me a lesson as I prepared to stitch baby moccasin, inviting me to examine and understand myself more fully, to be more self-aware and to see plainly another layer in the spiraling learning curve of my life.

An aside, my Guides have been talking with me. They are saying, It is the time of Peace KeepingIt’s time now to hold the vision of the Green Grass Walk in bare feet. The Green Grass Walk is a time of Peace Keeping. Even as I write that I feel it as a Circle.  I am, we are I believe on a Peace Keeping mission.  To be at peace in our hearts, to spiritually awaken to the presence of peace, rekindling our rhythm and relationship to our Earth Mother, to attune to a higher vibration. Peace movements are happening all around the globe. I am gratefully holding this vision, the visceral sensation of bare feet walking on green grass.

Peace. Peace. Peace my Sisters and Brothers. Peace.

Mitakuye Oyasin  ~  All My Relations

Winter 2015 Offerings

Open ~ Medicine Gift Crafting:  Create whatever you wish! How can I support you?  Announce your intention to attend, thank you.                 ♥ Offering ♥ Gratitude

  • December 12
  • December 13

Wing Medicine:  Craft a feather fan to cleanse and clear in your personal life and for professional practices.

Primary flight feathers of the Wild Turkey
Primary flight feathers of the Wild Turkey

Drum Birthing:  Send up a call, let the beat of your drum harmonize with the heartbeat of our Mother Earth.

The Hazelnut Circle Drum Birthing Day
The Hazelnut Circle Drum Birthing Day

Rattle Crafting: Move the energies, call your guides, meditate  and journey with these powerful tools.

Turtle Shell Rattles
Turtle Shell Rattles

L♥VE Offering  ~  Fund Raiser for Cocoon House

  • February 14 ~ Please Save the Date!  Details TBA soon.

Soles for the Soul:  Moccasin are for everyday wear, for ceremonies, moccasin for life!

Butter soft moose hide moccasin
Butter soft moose hide moccasin

Medicine Bags:  Personal, protective and private – honor the medicine that comes forward for you in a good way for the new year.

Talking Sticks:  Are you one who has been called to form a talking circle?   Many have in these times and it is good.  The talking stick is a respectful way to share and listen to what is on one another’s hearts.

Zsa Zsa's birthday Talking Stick workshop
Zsa Zsa’s birthday Talking Stick workshop

Leather Crafts:  Come sew, stitch your best intentions into the leather, create what you have a need for.  There will be cake.

Leather Pouches
Leather Pouches

Children’s Circle:  In a sacred way, each circle date is a unique exploration into the natural world.

  • December 19
  • January 9
  • February 13
  • March 13
Jill and Evander crafting medicine shields
Jill and Evander crafting medicine shields

Feeding the Fire Ceremony:  Celebrate the feminine by feeding the fire with Grandmother Moon.

  • January 22
  • March 25
Full Moon Feeding the Fire Ceremony
Full Moon Feeding the Fire Ceremony

Looking forward to spending time together working in a sacred way.  With gratitude.

Mitakuye Oyasin  ~  All My Relations


Spring 2015 Workshops

The door is always open.  Come in, make yourself at home as you are welcome for the Spring Workshops at Soul Proprietor.

April 4 – Wing Medicine, noon until complete

April 5 – Leather Works, noon until complete, what do you need?

April 11 – The Night Turtle Dance Fund Raiser Auction, 5pm – 8pm

April 12 – Rattle Crafting, 10am until complete

April 25 – Medicine Bag Journey, noon until complete

April 26 – VQ Rattle Crafting (closed)

May 3 – Medicine Repair Day, noon until all repairs are complete

May 9 – Children’s Circle, 1pm – 5pm

May 10 – Drum Birthing Day, 10am until complete

May 16-17 – Moccasin Workshop – Bainbridge Island Bodhi Center

May 23-24 – VQ Moccasin Workshop (closed)

June 6 – Children’s Circle, 1pm – 5pm

June 7 – Turtle Shell Rattle Crafting, noon until complete

June 20-21 – Moccasin Workshop, 10am -7pm each day

Soul Proprietor’s Winter Workshop Schedule

“There is no difference between the Creator and creation, just as there is no difference between the ocean and its waves.”  ~  Amma

Calling all seekers and artists.  Come.  Have fun.  Craft in a sacred manner – medicine objects – tools for your practices at home and at work, tools for your rituals and ceremonies.  Bring your good intentions.  Come and create just for the sake of creating.  Working with animal, plant, and mineral medicine is joyful, it centers and teaches in surprising ways.  A workshop day slows our pace  and can create peace of mind – an extra gift to yourself.

Working together in a good way – there is something quite special about sitting in a circle, with community.  One heart.  One mind.  Each working individually yet together.  Spiraling up.  Gathering light.  What is needed to support you at this time?  What is calling to you?

Mitakuye Oyasin  ~  All My Relations

January 2015
10 The Ceremonialist Children’s Circle
11 Wing Medicine Learning Workshop
17 Drum Birthing Day
18 Turtle Rattle Crafting Learning Workshop
24 Drum Birthing with Soul Sisters (closed)
25 Wing Medicine with Regine della Luna (closed)

February 2015
8 Wing Medicine Learning Workshop
14 The Ceremonialist Children’s Circle
15 Rattle Crafting Learning Workshop
21 Drum Birthing with Soul Sisters (closed)
28 Drum Birthing @ Bodhi Center (Bainbridge Island)

March 2015
1 Wing Medicine Learning Workshop
8 Drum Birthing with Hazelnut Circle (closed)
14 The Ceremonials Children’s Circle
15 Drum Birthing Day
22 Rattle Crafting Learning Workshop
28 Moccasin Crafting Learning Workshop Day 1
29 Moccasin Crafting Learning Workshop Day 2

SOI’s 7th Annual Artist Fair

Gratitude is the theme of this years Sundust Oracle Institute’s Artist’s Fair!  What a tremendous place of focus as I work and prepare for this show.  Every stitch, each knot is tied with intention – GRATITUDE!

The Winter Solstice will be a celebration of art, entertainment, music, poetry, readings, food, silent auction, solstice ceremony and a dance party!  Come!  Celebrate with old friends, make new acquaintances, shop for last-minute holiday gifts with purpose.  The Artist are all local people committed to a path of spirit oriented work that serves the greater good.

The Factory Luxe  ~ 3100 Airport Way South, Seattle WA 98134  Sunday, December 21 ~ 11am~8pm, plenty of free parking available.

Soul Proprietor will be bringing a variety of medicine objects – feather fans, rattles, drums, baby moccasin, staffs and talking sticks.  Every piece of work crafted with intention, holding the feeling of gratitude, connecting consciously with the physical sensations, the emotional experiences and the earnest desire to share – to pass it on so that gratitude might live within each of us, full-time.  While I’ve been working and holding this way of being in my heart, I’ve been reminded of The Night Turtle Dance – the dance is a ceremony of gratitude.  Mother Earth is so generous, all our needs are met and then some by her multitude of offerings.  The medicine I have been working with, all a gift of the Earth – Winged Ones, Four-leggeds,  Standing Ones, Water Beings and the Stone Nation – each have been prayed for and now prayed with that whoever is drawn to each piece receives the gift of gratitude as well as the gift of our Mother.

I have offered  my own gratitude to All the Nations I have been working with.  I am fortunate to receive such abundance, medicine for my own life and process.  Blessings and Boons!  Wopila!

I’ll be measuring feet for the durable moccasin I am sewing too.  These shoes are custom fit for your feet.  While I am taking measurements at the show, they will be crafted in the Studio afterwards – first come, first served.

And a bit of photography just for fun!

Mitakuye Oyasin  ~  All My Relations

Mother’s Day

I hope today has been joy filled and nourishing for you all.  I enjoyed a quiet day, reflecting and resting.  I took the opportunity to sew with buffalo leather, a beautiful possible bag, while sitting in the warm afternoon sunshine.  I don’t find Mother’s Day to be special in any particular way, not as a daughter nor as a mother.

As a daughter, my needs were met in a good way by the very best possible mother for me.  My mother, Toni, was funny.  She sang with the voice of an angel.  She taught me about self-love and tenacity.  She crossed a few months ago yet continues to be present in my life – everyday.  I still have a quite a road ahead, grief is a life long process.  So is the healing.  Gratefully, I am recovering myself through the progression of my grief.  Her loving Spirit is soul doctoring me.

My effort at mothering resulted in a happy, healthy, productive part of humanity, a good citizen doing good in the world.  I am deeply appreciative of the fine man my son is.  It is very gratifying to know he is self-respecting and spirited.   Richard taught me unconditional love, brought joy into my life and gives me reason after to reason to be well-pleased.

I don’t have any real laments either, about being the daughter or about being the mother.  It is true though, I would like it if I could have a do over in both cases.  If I could, my mother would still be on this side.   If I could I would relish my boy growing up once again.  This is would cherish.  Since  these fancy thoughts aren’t possible, I will be grateful instead – knowing my mother loved me and that she knew I loved her.  The same can be said for my son, I know he loves me, he knows I love him.  And I am blessed with knowing how to mother myself in a very good way.  This makes everyday special.

Many blessings and Happy Mother’s Day.