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Bridging Ancient and Modern Technology

I am slow to learn in some arenas and in others I excel.  Life is such an amazing learning curve, thankfully it never ends.  The new blog site is coming together quite nicely it seems – of course, I’ve always something to say.  The new website is still a work in progress.  I do look forward to having it up and running satisfactorily.  Having said that I wonder if that is possible….?  I guess there will always be tweaks and tuning to use Scott’s words, until I feel it delivers a sound message, speaking in a voice that is both mine and that of the Divine, I will keep working on it.  The website intended to connect the practical to the mystical – my aim to espouse the work Spirit has called on me to do – creating and teaching in a sacred way.

5.2014 Soul Proprietor Bridging Technology

I am hoping to have the new site go live within a few days.

Pilamaya  Aho Mitakuye Oyasin


Mother’s Day

I hope today has been joy filled and nourishing for you all.  I enjoyed a quiet day, reflecting and resting.  I took the opportunity to sew with buffalo leather, a beautiful possible bag, while sitting in the warm afternoon sunshine.  I don’t find Mother’s Day to be special in any particular way, not as a daughter nor as a mother.

As a daughter, my needs were met in a good way by the very best possible mother for me.  My mother, Toni, was funny.  She sang with the voice of an angel.  She taught me about self-love and tenacity.  She crossed a few months ago yet continues to be present in my life – everyday.  I still have a quite a road ahead, grief is a life long process.  So is the healing.  Gratefully, I am recovering myself through the progression of my grief.  Her loving Spirit is soul doctoring me.

My effort at mothering resulted in a happy, healthy, productive part of humanity, a good citizen doing good in the world.  I am deeply appreciative of the fine man my son is.  It is very gratifying to know he is self-respecting and spirited.   Richard taught me unconditional love, brought joy into my life and gives me reason after to reason to be well-pleased.

I don’t have any real laments either, about being the daughter or about being the mother.  It is true though, I would like it if I could have a do over in both cases.  If I could, my mother would still be on this side.   If I could I would relish my boy growing up once again.  This is would cherish.  Since  these fancy thoughts aren’t possible, I will be grateful instead – knowing my mother loved me and that she knew I loved her.  The same can be said for my son, I know he loves me, he knows I love him.  And I am blessed with knowing how to mother myself in a very good way.  This makes everyday special.

Many blessings and Happy Mother’s Day.



Moms and Kids Day

We were a small group today – Ophelia’s Book Store is keeping one mom busy and another mom walking the Camino de Santiago on a pilgrimage.  We were small but we were just right.  Often we will journey, today 11 year old Eva was offered the chance to drum for the very first time.  She is in love with horses, so making relations with the horse drum was just right medicine for her!

Before she began to drum, I shared a reminder to us all about the necessity for creating a safe container for our work – a protected and sacred container where only what serves our highest good comes forward.  It is important to have these reminders often for all of us to help reinforce the practice of creating a safe environment for a shamanic journey. We also spoke about the importance of engaging with our Spirit animal guides to bring personal protection to us each day in our daily lives.  What does it take to build these relationships?

Eva drummed with her allies help and she did so beautifully, coming away from the experience exuberant.  Afterwards, a bit of leather crafting, all the while talking about our heart’s desires and the way we are walking in the world.  Eva created a colorful leather pouch adorned with black horse hair.  The horse hair came from Lysje, my sisters Friesian mare.  it was a wonder full day!

We missed our friends, looking eagerly towards the next gathering when we can all be together.

Pilamaya, Pilamaya!



Talk to Each Other People

Hooray! Hooray! for the 8th of May!

Indoor Outdoor Intercourse Day!

If you went to Eastern Washington State College, now Eastern Washington University, you know what I’m talking about!

in-ter-course  [in-ter-kawrs, -kohrs] 


1. dealings or communication between individuals, groups, countries, etc.
2. interchange of thoughts, feelings, etc.

1425–75; late Middle English intercurse  < Medieval Latin intercursus  communication, trading, Latin:  a running between.

Sunshine in Seattle

I’ve lived in Washington state since I was 11 years old.  In all my years here, with the variety of landscapes within the state (Washington boasts more ecosystems than most states in the union), I find little to be more beautiful than Seattle on a sunny day.  Mind you, I prefer the wild landscapes without roads, buildings or people, however something magical happens when the sun comes out.  For one thing, the Mountain, as Mt. Rainier is referred to, Tahoma as the original People say, is visible – this sight is something rarely taken for granted by any Seattle-ite.  What I find so magical though is the fact that people seem a little friendlier, happier with each step, eager to be outside.

For the most part, regardless of the weather, the temperature is mild on the west side of the state.  Having lived for many years east of the Cascades, I know cold pretty intimately.  And frankly, I don’t dislike all the rain (ok, some days enough is enough) but the more rain that falls the greener the trees, the more abundant the mosses, and the hardier the ferns.  After all the rain, the sun makes diamonds on the many waterways and Puget Sound,  the multitude of greens become even more brilliant.

On days like today – blue sky, billowy white clouds, bird song, the warmth of the sun – rather than working in the studio, I will work outside.  Today I am sewing rattles of elk and buffalo hide.  A few from yesterday’s work are ready for a bit of paint possibly or maybe just a driftwood or cedar wood handle is enough – I’ll let the rattles speak to me, telling me what they would prefer to be as a completed medicine tool.

It’s been a rattle making week here on Echo Lake – a custom crafted rattle was vision forward for a healer friend of mine, there’s the crafting work that is coming through me for Fusions ART Gallery and the making ready for the Fall City Days street fair.   There was a gorgeous day of sacred rattle crafting by a few beautiful people committed to going out on the hill to vision quest, Hanbleciyapi, as it is properly called.  It is an honor to hold space and bring the teaching forward.  I find it good medicine to be involved with such venerable ways. Even if the sun doesn’t shine.  I make myself available to teach rattle making workshops and all my workshops any day of the week.  I invite you to come create with me.

Blessings from sunny Echo Lake where today the lawnmower noise is tolerable.                                                  ~   Aho Mitakuye Oyasin


Please visit Fusions ART Gallery and Fall City Days



Teachings in the Stream

Says Phil Lane, Jr., Four Worlds International Institute founder in an interview for Architects of Peace; he was speaking of what his Grandfather had told him, “Look Grandson at the beautiful teachings the Creator has put in the little stream. Feel the water and see how gently and lovingly it touches your hands. It travels through deserts and mountains and many places, but it never turns its back on anyone or anything. Even though it gives life to all living things, it is very humble for it always seeks the lowest spot. But it has great faith, power, and patience, for even if a mountain stands in its path, it keeps moving forward until finally that mountain is washed into the sea. These are the spiritual gifts the Creator has given each of us. If we are to be happy within ourselves and with one another, we too must develop these sacred gifts.” “Grandson the longest road you will ever walk is the sacred journey from your head to your heart.”

I find these words inspiring. May they be some sort of peace of mind and heart for you too.

May 2014 Workshop Schedule

Please email to reserve your seat in any of these workshops, to inquire about fees or with any questions.  Aho Mitakuye Oyasin

5/4       10am to completion   ~  Hanblechya Rattle Crafting

5/6       6pm-9pm    ~  Tuesday Evening Crafting Circle

5/10    1pm-5pm    ~   Moms & Kids Group

5/11    noon-6pm   ~   Wing Medicine Crafting

5/13    6pm-9pm    ~   Tuesday Evening Crafting Circle

5/17    9am-7pm    ~   Moccasin Crafting Part 1

5/18    9am-7pm    ~   Moccasin Crafting Part 2

5/19   6pm-9pm    ~    Monday Medicine

5/20    6pm-9pm    ~   Tuesday Evening Crafting Circle

5/24   9am-7pm    ~   Hanblechya Moccasin Crafting Part 1

5/25   9am-7pm    ~   Hanblechya Moccasin Crafting Part 2

5/26   10am until completion   ~   Drum Making Workshop

5/27   6pm-9pm    ~   Tuesday Evening Crafting Circle


Drum Making Workshop

“….I don’t want to work, I want to bang on the drum all day, I don’t want to play, I just want to bang on the drum all day….”                               Todd Rundgren

Before we can bang on the drum, we need to birth the drum.  A labor of love like childbirth, bringing a new drum into the world is work – hard, sweet, rewarding work.  A drum is sacred medicine – the heartbeat of the Earth, the Shaman’s tool to transit realities, enjoyably pleasant for anyone to play, each drum as individual as the one who births it.

We begin our workshop day by coming together as one heart with an invocation to the Four Winds and calling on the spirit of the animal hide to guide us.  First comes the easy and meditative sanding wood for the icabu, the drumstick – exposing the life hidden in the wood grain.  Sewing the beater portion rounds out the morning completing the icabu.  We’ll share a simple meal and make ready for the real work to begin.

First, some time for communion and a journey to met and receive initial wisdom from the hides.  Chen Chegas, drums, can be birthed from deer, elk, buffalo, horse or bear hides – each medicine unique.  Now the real work begins with cutting the drum heads and laces. This can be equated to the transition of labor, continuing through the lacing process.  The final push of labor follows as we tighten the lace, bring forth a new baby drum, delivering a new voice into the world.

Monday May 26th, 10am until we are complete, please RSVP your intention to attend this workshop so I may properly prepare for you.  Workshop exchange is $250 all materials includes.

In gratitude for these old ways and those who heed the call.  Aho!